Republican Breakfast in Bellevue; A Retirement at St. George’s

Sheriff Daron Hall has survived in the eye of Metro’s immigration storm. He stopped by the Bellevue Republican Breakfast Club to update members on the issue.

Sheriff Hall is armed with a Metro legal opinion validating his cooperation with federal ICE officials on detaining illegal aliens. The Metro Council cannot restrict the duties of a sheriff, who serves as a state constitutional officer.
Controversy developed when the Metro Council passed on second reading an ordinance to prevent Hall from using funds or resources to assist the federal government enforce immigration laws. However, after giving the legal position “serious consideration,” as Mayor Megan Barry suggested, the Council let that ordinance die without a vote on third reading.

Sheriff Daron Hall began serving the same year his son was born.  His son is now 15, and he began driving this year.

Nonagenarian: Mary Sharp turned 90 recently surrounded with her fellow Richland Place residents, friends from St. George’s Episcopal Church and many family visitors who traveled from around the country.

She is an active writer of essays. Members of Sharp’s writing class at St. George’s Episcopal Church were among the guests at her reception.

Gerry Senechal enhanced her birthday celebration with his piano playing.  Senechal’s “day job” is an associate director of St. George Episcopal’s music ministries.

Retirement:  Father Roger Senechal will soon retire from his ministerial duties at St. George’s Episcopal Church, leaving more time for his active enjoyment of bicycling, beekeeping, astronomy, birding, camping, and music. He is married to Diana and is the father of St. George Music Director Gerry Senechal.

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