Recent graduate hopes to break travel record, visit all 197 countries

David Smith
Staff Writer

While traveling around the world in 80 days may be an impossibility, soon-to-be Vanderbilt University graduate Taylor Demonbreun has just publicly announced her plan to visit every sovereign country in the world in approximately 400 days. Not only would Taylor break the record for the fastest trip to all 197 countries, but at 22 years old she would also be the youngest.

Taylor is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama where she attended Tuscaloosa Academy and currently lives in Nashville, where she will graduate from Vanderbilt in May with degrees in Economics and Public Policy.
In order to make this trek a reality, she will be taking out loans and putting all of her personal savings into this trip. However, it will not be enough on its own. According to her website, the estimated maximum cost for the trip is $110,000.

Therefore, she is asking for support, both financially and socially, as spreading word about the trip is a way for people to learn about her goal and support her in any way they can.

The journey, entitled “TrekWithTaylor”, will begin in early June in Kingston, Jamaica. From Kingston, she travels to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean for two months before trekking to another continent.

The goal of Taylor’s mission is to encourage young women and other individuals with barriers to travel. Taylor hopes to do this by “providing details of how I plan my travels and sharing the information I use to take those trips in order to actively involve my followers in every aspect of the journey.”

The TrekWithTaylor website currently features Taylor’s live planning documents, as well as travel guides to be updated along the trip.

The trip will provide an opportunity for young women and others who may be scared or nervous to travel alone to learn from Taylor about how to approach their own trips.

Previously, Taylor saw a career path in banking as her next move after graduating from college. However, after a life-changing four months studying abroad in London, where she was able to travel to 20 countries, she realized that she needed to do something that she loved.

“I am passionate about travel and want to spread the message that anyone from any background can see the world,” writes Taylor. “Particularly, to all the young women who’ve been told that they could not safely travel on their own, I want to challenge this stereotypical notion. Young women can–and should–see as much of the world as they can.”

Taylor’s journey can be followed on social media at @TrekWithTaylor and donations can be made from links on her social media.