Properties near vacant Krystal restaurant slow to go along with Metro’s traffic plan

Screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-9.38.02-AMMetro is moving forward, however slowly, with acquiring the CVS store, former Krystal restaurant site and Shalimar Restaurant in Green Hills as negotiations and discussions of eminent domain are being worked out after differences over price slowed talks with the drugstore chain, in particular, to buy its parcel.

The city needs the properties at 3801 and 3715 Hillsboro Pike for the project to realign the intersection of that street with Crestmoor and Glen Echo roads. Under the Green Hills Area Transportation Plan, improving the east-west traffic flow across Hillsboro Pike is seen aiding mobility along that busy corridor.

Under the ideal scenario, CVS will sell its nearly acre parcel at the corner of Hillsboro Pike and Crestmoor Road to Metro, who would build a new drugstore at the former Krystal restaurant location at 3715 Hillsboro Pike.

If Metro acquires the Krystal property using eminent domain, the city could then sell it to CVS, Pulley said. The drugstore chain, meanwhile, had expressed interest in buying the adjacent locations of Shalimar Restaurant and a tailoring business to create a larger buildable lot for its planned new pharmacy store.

However, design plans for a new drugstore by Metro and CVS recently found construction of the new building and keeping the tailoring business in place was possible.