Portions of Pennington Bend still need trash collection services

While District 15 had a small portion of the district in Pennington Bend (mainly Abbingon Park) still in the general service district (GSD), moved into the urban service district (USD) late last year, some residents have questioned when street lights and trash or recycling services would occur.

Public Works has begun to solicit proposals for trash collection which is now open for bid. After the bids are evaluated, Public Works will be able to provide more definitive information on who will be providing the service and a projected start date.

According to Public Works , the department will provide the recycling collection service internally and has ordered the necessary equipment. They have received funding to hire the recycling employees in May of 2018 and will begin training them for service to coincide with the new trash service.

Public Works has also been coordinating with other Metro departments to evaluate options for the deployment of lighting in the annexed area. They have requested further information from NES related to some of these possibilities, such as cost of doing LED versus traditional lighting. They will have a better idea of the timeline when that information is received from them.

According All services must be provided to the annexed area by October 1, 2018.