TripBlazr launches in Nashville

Video mapping app, serving as a city-wide visual directory TripBlazr, an interactive video mapping platform which started in 2017, has announced their launch in Nashville. Offering a unique concept, TripBlazr…


TDEC offers Home Radon tests for Randon Action Month

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) is encouraging residents to identify and address radon problems in their homes as part of Radon Action Month by offering free radon…

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President Trump arrives to speak at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual conference

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), approximately 2.2 million farmers operate 2.1 million farms covering about 900 million acres that generates much more than the food we eat….


Vehicle headlights must be yellow or amber, not blue

Glare challenges some drivers at night more than others. Middle-aged and older drivers seem to be more sensitive to glare than younger drivers because its takes longer for their eyes…


LifeWay’s Draper Tower turned to rubble as downtown Nashville continues to see growth and change

The city said goodbye to LifeWay’s Draper Tower during the implosion of the 12-story building this past Saturday. Draper Tower was the former headquarters for LifeWay, one of the world’s…

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Promoting civic classes expected to increase youth voter participation

Preparing young people to be responsible citizens is one of the main reasons for having a public education system. When America was in its infancy, Thomas Jefferson argued the need…


Metro Parks wants input on Aaittafama’ Archeological Park’s master plan

                Two public meetings have been scheduled to inform area residents of plans for Aaittafama’ Archeological Park, the site of one of the…


Children below age 17 are targets for human trafficking

Living within a dysfunctional home of mental, emotional and sexual abuse resulted in Anne (not her real name) running away when she was 13. For the next couple of years,…

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Voters can help drain the swamp

Every once in a while, a woman would come out of the woodwork and make “outlandish accusations” against the “pillar of the community”. It must be extortion. Someone so revered…


Representative Brenda Gilmore welcomes Toni W. Franklin, Postmaster, U.S.P.S. to Nashville during the Postmaster Installation Ceremony

(L-R) Christopher Alexander, TN District Mgr., USPS; Rep. Brenda Gilmore, Candidate for State Senate, District #19; Toni W. Franklin, Postmaster , Nashville; and Mary Conner, South East Regional Director. –…