Our Planning Commission has no vision for the future

tickedOffDudeI have recently been overcome with a case of claustrophobia and insomnia. I don’t need a physician to tell me what the cause is. It started immediately after I drove down Long Boulevard and stopped at the corner of Long and Burns. What are our planning commissioners thinking — allowing these shotgun style single family homes to be built so close together that you can hear your neighbor burp? I know that the developers are touting urban development and infill with greater density, but this is nauseating to anyone who loves Nashville and has called it home for any significant number of years. We should be improving our city … not destroying the southern neighborhoods with bad architecture and siting. This is not all on the developers’ heads. This onslaught of crowded development was approved by our Planning Commission and our council persons. In some cases, the developments would never have happened at all with out the sign-off of the City Council. Maybe we should rethink who is representing our fair city and our neighborhoods. We elected these folks to represent us and protect us from just this type of greedy thoughtless development. This could not have been what the Nashville Plan and West Nashville Plan for future development recommended for our future. I am not just saying I don’t want this in my neighborhood. I am saying I don’t want this in my home town, my city that I am proud of, my Nashville. Heck yea, I am ticked off, and you had better be too. This is an epidemic that could be in your backyard tomorrow.

AMP hesitations

In looking at the debate pro or con for the AMP proposal, I admit to some concern. For the last several months, I have looked at passing buses in the Green Hills/West Nashville  area and have seen many completely empty or with very few riders, perhaps only one or two. It appears both sides are trying to reach a compromise.  At the present time, I question whether Nashville is ready to proceed with AMP.

Twenty percent to two

When the Israelis declared themselves a state in 1948, twenty percent of the people in that area were said to be Christian. Now that number has shrunk to two percent. What happened to the Palestinian Christians? Does anyone even care?

Residents’ voices count

Kudos and encouragement to the Green Hills Neighborhood Association for their continued battle with Southern Land over that ridiculously over-large development planned for the corner of Hillsboro Road and Richard Jones. All Southern Land wants to talk about is their property rights and that it “will create jobs, revenues and a dynamic development for not only the community, but for Nashville as a whole.” Rubbish. It will do nothing but add to the already overwhelming gridlock. This is about them making money and nothing else. The zoning board had better watch their backs, they can’t keep bending over every time a developer promises them more tax dollars — we have property rights as residents, and I’m sick to death of everyone buying up land and putting large buildings and ugly, too-quickly-built houses everywhere. We don’t have the infrastructure to support it nor do the residents want it. As residents, our voice should be the ones that drives the conversation, not that of these greedy developers and sell-outs like Sean McGuire, who clearly favors the developers over his constituents. I’ve noticed people becoming more vocal on these topics – keep it up!

Metro customer care

If you see a pot hole or a tree blocking a sign, why not notified Metro? Send to “customercare@nashville.gov,” and they will look at it and fix it. Try it, it works.

Nouns can be profane

This is in response to a guy who commented on my statement that “hell” is a profanity. The guy said it was not profanity and that it was a noun. I have the Webster’s Dictionary right here in front of me and nowhere does it say that a profanity has to be a noun. I thought that was a pretty silly thing to say. But it does say, “to treat with abuse, irreverence or contempt.” “Go to hell” would be all three of those. So that is the definition of profanity. You probably looked that up on the Internet, and the Internet isn’t as good as a dictionary. This is an actual book. So that’s it. Thanks for letting me telling it off.

Finest donut sale

I want to give a big thumbs up to Goodlettsville’s finest. Last Friday, I was at my home in Goodlettsville, and a complete stranger came knocking on my door, accusing me of something I did not do and even threatening to kill me. I called 911, who put me in touch with the Metro police. That was Friday at 3 p.m., and it is now Tuesday at 9 a.m. I have not heard from them since. I probably called them during a donut sale at Krispy Kreme. So I’m just warning you. If you live in Goodlettsville, you’d be better off calling the Keystone Kops. So thanks to you, Goodlettsville’s finest!

West End Starbucks

It’s only a matter of time until someone plows into the cars illegally stopped on West End waiting in line to turn into the Starbucks drive thru window. There is a simple solution.  The Metro Council should enact an ordinance requiring businesses offering drive thru service to provide waiting space off the public street.

More bike lanes

This is in response to whoever complained about the new bike lanes. The only reason I don’t bike everywhere I need to go is because either it’s summer and way too ungodly hot to bike, or because where I’m biking is so unsafe that I could be in a dangerous situation. Bike lanes help to eliminate situations like this. The more accessible biking is, the more people will bike (which is better for the environment, I’d say).

Woodmont whining

To the person who was so upset by construction noise on Woodmont Blvd: How fortunate for you that you’re able to go to bed at night, that you’re not the one who has to do real labor during the night. Sounds like you have no idea of the number of people who work at night at jobs that, no doubt, help make your life more convenient. In addition to those pesky construction workers outside your window, consider delivery workers, food service workers, hospital workers … to name only a few. Now consider, that since they work at night, they must sleep during the day while their neighbors are mowing and blowing their yards, children are screaming as they get off their school buses, and oh yes, more pesky construction workers. And I’m willing to bet that some of these construction workers actually do know what it’s like to try to sleep in a war zone. Stop your silly, self-centered whining!

Freedom of speech

I am ticked off that our freedom of speech is being squelched by others because it “offends” them.  Well let me tell you that if I can not speak freely, then you are offending me. One such incident is the recent news about the girl in the  Dyers County school district, who was suspended from class for saying “God Bless You” to a fellow student that sneezed. I am also offended that I cannot say the “n” word because it “offends” others but they can say it all they want in their speech. Blacks can call white men the equivalent, cracker, at any place at any time and anywhere without any consequence whatsoever. Stop all of this offending and let me and others have our freedom of speech to speak as we want and to use the words in the dictionary in our everyday speech. We should either not use the “n” word at all or make sure that cracker is referred to as  the “c” word.  When it comes to God, our Almighty Creator, if you do not believe in Him then when you die you will surely meet Him at the Judgement seat. God is Real, God is Ever Present, God is Alive. If this were not so, then we would not be here and everything around us would not be here.

Forest Hills has graffiti

Yes, I was born in Forest Hills. I’ve been here since 1966. This idiot wrote into Ticked Off about “Phallic Wall Art.” Yes, welcome to the real world. Forest Hills has graffiti. I, myself, have called twice and had it erased twice by the City of Forest Hills, who painted over it. It’s not a house. It is a little out building owned by the water company, and we have graffiti! Welcome to Forest Hills.

Mayor photo op

The picture on the front of the August 14th edition of this publication prompts me to make this call. I am thoroughly ticked off that hardly a day passes when Karl Dean doesn’t show up on the television or elsewhere as some photo op; cutting a ribbon, turning a shovel of dirt, riding a bus or taking a walk somewhere just to get attention drawn to himself. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the Nashville Zoo while the monkey cages were being cleaned out if there was a promise of television cameras being nearby. I wonder how many hours per week that this Metro employee is away from official business. However, I guess official business is whatever he happens to be doing at the time. It sure makes your appreciate names like Fulton, Boner, Bredesen and Purcell. But in the mean time, stay tuned.

Parking dilemma

Today Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock, I saw a couple drive into a handicap parking spot at the Publix on Harding Road in a silver two-seater Mercedes. She was very blond, and he was wearing a baseball cap. She got out of the car and walked very well into the grocery. And he put up the handicap sign on his rearview mirror and walked in just as well. I was furious when I saw this, and when I saw them in the grocery, I had to hold myself back from approaching them. What should I have done and what would you do?