No limit to ignorance…

There is no limit to the ignorance of the ignorant! They continue to compare traffic deaths with deaths by gunfire. Almost anything on God’s green earth can be used to kill someone either by accident or with murderous intent. A ball point pen can be stabbed into the eye, a car can be driven into a crowd of people, a hammer can crush someone’s skull, a bottle of aspirin can be digested all at once, a rope can hang you, a handsaw can cut you up, a brick can smash your face! All of these things are true. However, none of these are made with the intent to do bodily harm, while a firearm is made to do just that! Wake up people and start using that brain that God gave to think, not just to react!

Subsidizing smelly smoke emissions
I am tired of subsidizing the smelly emissions from cigarette and cigar smokers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that smoking costs the U.S. economy almost $500 billion per year, as well as the death of 500,000 people. That equates to about $1000 per man, woman and child; much more if you don’t count the “entitled” people who don’t contribute to our economy.
What gives?
This morning I tried to call NES to report a streetlight that had burned out. I looked up the number in the phone book and called the number listed. From there I was directed to three different numbers, none of which got me through to a person who could take my request. What gives NES? I guess with all the expense you have giving out these bloated salaries you can’t afford to have a live person answering the phone so your customers (who, by the way, are mandated to do business with you) can at least get through to a live English speaking person.

Pedestrian Crossing Needed
Pedestrian crossing needed bad near Woodvale Drive & Granny White Pike near Lipscomb University before some innocent soul gets hit!

Don’t understand
How can rape and abortion be compared in the same breath? Everybody knows that when a woman is seeking an abortion she isn’t trying to become a “feminist hero.” Why don’t we focus on how to promote the apparently radical idea that rape is bad rather than fighting it by cherry picking the juiciest controversial subject pulled out of the Moral Compass Matryoshka?

How about understanding that suffering emotional/physical trauma that could follow somebody for the rest of their life isn’t comparable to choosing to end a pregnancy for a variety of reasons, including the health of the mother, the child, or any other reason that isn’t anyone’s business. I suggest that we gain the capacity to understand that women have abortions for reasons other than carelessness and callousness towards life. Women who have had an abortion are not the scapegoat poster-children for fueling the black and white worldly views shared by people who have not walked in their shoes, and thus should not be treated as such.

Ignoring reality
The number of voters who disapprove of Trump’s job performance nationwide has climbed by double digits: In January, the president’s disapproval rating was 39 percent — by September that figure had climbed 13 points, to 52 percent. If we are lucky, this will cause him to re-think his strategy for making America great again. This is not likely given the fact that he ignores reality in favor of his own twisted ideas about what he should do as president. So far, he has done very little!

Market has been growing the past eight years
Our president likes to brag about he has turned the economy around and the stock market has gone up tremendously since his election. While this is true, one must recognize that the economy has been is steady recovery since 2009. Between January 2009 and November 2016 the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 11,209 points. Since November, it has climbed 4,480 points. This demonstrates that the market has been growing for the past eight years, not just the last twelve months as DT would have you believe.

Toothache in the War Zone
Eight years ago I met Richard when he was but a teenager. Our friend’s amazing son always wanted a military career and nothing was going to stop him from fulfilling that dream. ROTC, followed by Ranger training, led this young lieutenant to a second tour in the war zone.

You could not pay me enough money to do what he does every day. It takes a special individual to jump out of an airplane, take part in dangerous night time patrols or work with indigenous villagers, any one of them could be an ISIS terrorist. Sure I served in the USAF during Vietnam. Sure I patriotically volunteered. But as an Air Force dentist, the closest I ever came to combat was a tough root canal.. In 1966 I treated the “real” AF hero’s: our fighter pilots, the flight crews and their unsung, support teams.

We were having dinner at our friend’s house, when they told me that their son Richard  was having a dental problem. I’m a 76 year old retired dentist and Richard is somewhere in the MidEast. How could I help? The age of modern technology has finally dragged me into the 21st century. Sure enough, the phone rang, and there was Rich, Face Timing us from some distant desert outpost, mouth open, flashlight illuminating his teeth as best he could, to show me the culprit. Thankfully, it was only a painfully swollen, but easily treatable canker-sore. Several months later, our daily prayers were answered when Rich returned to Ft. Campbell, all safe and sound.
This points out the incredible danger and personal sacrifice that our troops make every day. These American heroes don’t do it for the money. They don’t do it for the benefits. they certainly don’t do it for the accolades either.  They put their life on the line in order to keep us safe and preserve the greatest democracy this planet has ever seen.  Duty, Honor, Country.
God bless Richard Jr.
God bless our troops,
God bless America

Ban alcohol
I’m not taking sides in the gun debate, but if we want to save lives we should ban alcohol. It’s a scourge to society. Alcohol fuels domestic violence, it’s devastating to the homeless, and it rips families apart. People with alcohol issues clog our hospitals, jails, and courts. Banning alcohol will work. We can call it Prohibition.

One holiday at a time
It ticks me off when Christmas sales begins before Halloween. We need to enjoy Thanksgiving before we begin the Christmas sales madness!

Guns and cars
A writer challenged us to compare the statistics of car deaths vs gun deaths. I did and it appears there is not much difference (the last comprehensive study was about 5 years ago) with gun deaths increasing and car deaths decreasing over the years. In almost half the states gun deaths have already exceeded car deaths. Comparison of this basic data can be misleading, because not many people chose a car to kill other people. It happens, but the weapon of choice for mass intentional killing is a machine gun. Machine guns are designed to kill many people in a short amount of time, can be concealed and will always be the main choice of evildoers because they are designed to    be easy spectacular killing machines.

I commend the challenger for his/her interest in comparing numbers. Please look online how the percentage of mental health problems is about the same across the nations of the world, then compare how many guns Americans own compared to other major nations. Then look at how many gun homicides and suicides in our nation compare with other major nations that have better gun control. Don’t just look at the sum total, look at the quantities per 100 people (percentage). America has a problem, quite obviously. These numbers tell a better story than the sum total of car deaths. Think long and hard about it.

No car is going to wreak havoc inside an elementary school building, nor inside a church. These should remain places of peace and safety, not a battleground for more guns. Most public plazas have vehicle barricades already in place and many more pedestrian gathering places will be protected soon, you can bet. Things are being done to protect us from the evil use of cars and trucks, nothing is being done about guns thanks to politicians cowering to NRA. It will not be long before we read that the good guy with a gun is just as dead as the bad guy.
As to the second amendment, please understand that the framework is a well-regulated militia. The reasoning for this is found in history books and Wikipedia. If you were able to ask the writers of the constitution or bill of rights if they contemplated the existence of machine guns and the problems they would cause in the hands of malicious people, they probably would tell you they should have worded things differently (unless they were callous to human life and didn’t care about trying to solve problems, but I seriously doubt that). Even the few words that are written have been interpreted differently in court over time. It will not be the end of the United States to better regulate guns and outlaw machine guns in private hands. It may be the end of the US if we don’t.