No apologies, no fake history

I am writing in defense of “Rakes over the Coals.” Like it or not, our roadways were designed originally and primarily for automotive vehicles to use. Bicycle riders are very vulnerable and exposed on them; and if they are going to be a part of traffic, they need to take some responsibility. That letter writer had it correct in the first letter and I don’t care at all if you rake ME over the coals!
Also, last weeks ticked off contained some excellent letters concerning our history as it related to Confederate Statues. However, one letter seemed concerned about tourism. I have this to say to that writer: removing history, or even sanitizing it, will not help tourism.          And the last time I checked, Nashville does not have a tourism problem. No apologies; no fake history!

Healthcare plan for the wealthy
Under the latest GOP healthcare bill all but 16 states (those that did not expand Medicare under the ACA) will lose funding. Billions of tax dollars will be saved. There is only one problem: these savings will go into the piggie bank for the coming tax cuts for the rich. End result; rich get richer and the poor get more unhealthy and stay poor. Good thinking GOP. Let’s let all those poor folks go to the emergency room for health care like they did before Obamacare. That way, the hospitals will continue to lose money and have to close their doors. But don’t worry, the rich folks who got the big tax cuts will be able to afford great private healthcare. I guess this is the true meaning of “Make America Great Again”!

Why always go to a resort to do business
America’s Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price took five work-related trips on private jets last week, costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, which is a lot more than if he had flown commercial.
Among his trips, Price, who has vowed to cut wasteful spending in his agency, traveled to a resort in Maine where he was part of a discussion with a health care industry CEO, as well as community health centers in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. To me this reads like business related travel. Also, why do these jokers always go to a “resort” to do business. If he really wants to cut his agency’s waste, he needs to start with himself!

Single drivers in the HOV lane
I don’t understand how our law enforcement officials select the laws they enforce and the ones they ignore. For example, I see 9 out of 10 vehicles in the HOV lane with only one person in the vehicle. The law says two or more  people is required. The police don’t even try to stop it.

Garbage still here on the curb
Hi again. It’s Thursday but Wednesday is pickup day for garbage. However, my garbage is still sitting on my curb. Metro said it will pick up everything this morning. It’s the afternoon and it’s still here.

False or alternative truths
I’m responding to the “Bad guys control cultural heritage” comment because I had to stop reading half way through due to the  historical inaccuracy and falsehoods. The person, for example, says the only reason one soldier was fighting was because he was invaded. Well the South fired the first shot at Fort Sumter. Did he forget that? What about the incursions into Indiana and Pennsylvania         by Confederate Generals. And by the way Tennessee was the fourth state to join the Confederacy before the draft was initiated.
Not sure where this person got the information from but it’s false. I guess maybe it’s an alternate truth.

NES employees get too much tax payer money
Thanks for publishing the Metro Top Salaries. Its just absurd what the people who run NES get over the course of a year. They make almost half a million dollars a year. While we have storm water problems, torn up streets, and schools without needed money, we have these guys and girls getting our money.

Symbol of history
This is in regard to the article on “The Home of the Brave” regarding taking down the monuments: I agree 100% with the writer. You can not erase history. You cannot support hatred, either. The challenge is to create a symbol of history.

Government could help more older people who are on a fixed income
Being a senior citizen and on Social Security, I renewed our auto tags today and it was $120 for mine and $100 for my wife. I’m just saying I think after a person reaches a certain age in their life the government should do something to cut down all the costs on old people.
Just like prescriptions, every time we go it’s $300 – $400 dollars and that is after the insurance. I think something should be done about it.

Way it is now you need one
I wanted to make a comment about the older lady who carries a gun. I’m a church going man and I do carry a gun and I do that because I do not want anybody to hurt me or my family and if I have too I will use it. I just wanted to say it is wonderful in the United States that you can carry a gun because the way it is now you really need one.
Leave if you are not happy with our pride
For all of you that have moved into the South from other places in the U.S. that back these tyrants taking down our flag and statues, you need to learn the true facts about the Civil War.  If you are unhappy with our Southern Pride then you are more than welcome to pack your bags and go back where  you’re from and leave the South alone.  We will never give up our pride and traditions; we want history “honored” not destroyed and spit on.

Governor needs to read submission on heritage
The article “Bad guys control cultural heritage” from Sept. 21 should be sent directly to our TN governor.  He needs to read and reread this article and stand up for Dixie. There’s nothing wrong with defending your beliefs; but there is something wrong with mealy-mouthing   for haters.  And at the same time send it to the Lipscomb University official who thinks an apology is needed for “cotton”.

Team looks even worse because of trash talk
I am not a Vanderbilt or Alabama fan, however, I’d like to give some Vandy football players and fans some friendly advice. You might want to think twice before shooting your mouth off, saying things like “bring on Alabama. We will beat them”. The trash talking was shown on national TV      and made this city look bad. Hopefully next time a major team of the SEC plays against Vanderbilt CBS will find a better game. Did they think it would be entertaining for people by putting on the network Vanderbilt versus the number one team in the nation. Ultimately, the players and fans looked pretty stupid claiming  that the team would beat Alabama.

Finally, someone not praising Clinton’s book
I will get away from my office and have lunch often. This is when I have a chance to read The News, which is very entertaining at times. My comment is about the Metro/commentary article by Horace Johns from last week, which was about Hillary’s book. While looking at this I thought to myself, “I am not reading another article saying what a great person she is, was ripped off or how the book is a wonderful tribute to her struggles”.
I glanced at the commentary when I got to the end of the article to see if someone with any sense could possibly defend the book. Nope!
Those of us, like Mr. Johns, who have not drank the Koolaid appreciate the honesty and common sense. Thank you very much, Mr. Johns.

Where were the Vandy fans on Saturday?
Where were the Vanderbilt fans on Saturday? Derek Mason has done a great job with that stadium and it was all for Alabama fans. The cameras kept showing a young boy in Vanderbilt colors all by himself in the stands. So sad. To all you Vandy fans: show up and support your team.

Good service, good paycheck
Yes, I just wanted to comment on some of these restaurants that hire these servers who think they can wear hot pants or cut off jeans as if that alone deserves an automatic tip. I just went to one of these restaurants that just opened up and the service was terrible.
If these young people want to make money then they need to  give good service. Then they will make a good paycheck.

Don’t force yourself into my line of view
I’m generally displeased with everyone which makes it difficult for pinpointing one topic versus another when it comes to angling my ideas of better judgement in a solid direction. It’s hilarious how passionate everyone is and one sided. It’s also scary because I’m a peaceful man who likes things like family and friends and peace. Everyone is like me, right? My ideas of those things are my own ideas. Keep your opinions about things in check with who you are and the influence you have on people in the world. I focus on the people I care about. Do the same and let everyone else do their own thing. Be confident and don’t force your issues and beliefs into my line of view!

Pothole solution
I’m ticked off that someone would write into Ticked Off to talk about potholes on Harding  Place and Estes instead of calling the place that could fix the problem. If you had called Public Works or gone onto their website, you could report the pothole. I did that before and they came out the next day and fixed the pothole. So do your research instead of complaining.