New group plans efforts to move MLS Soccer Stadium to Metro Center

A new organization has formed in Nashville to support members of the Metro Council in passing a bill to move the proposed MLS soccer stadium to the Metro Center Area.

This group of community leaders met with Metro Councilman Decosta Hastings and he agreed with the group the Rhodes Park location on Metro Center Blvd. in Metro Center would be a better location for the MLS soccer stadium versus the Fairgrounds.

Metro Councilman Decosta Hastings said the soccer field is the economic boost that the communities around Metro Center need.

“As representatives of the people of Nashville, we need to do a better job in utilizing land use,” Hastings said, adding that the fairgrounds location called for giving 10 acres to a for-profit developer. “The Metro Center location enables people to live, work, and play and revitalizes the area that is already seeing a rise in home values and rentals.”

A new interchange has already been completed at Rosa Parks Blvd and I-65 and is less than a mile from the suggested stadium location.  The topography of the 83-acre under-utilized property is “perfect for the facility and recreational soccer is already on the site.”

Supporters said the property is within walking distance to existing development, including the Tennessee Titans practice facility, and can accommodate a parking facility for both venues.  It also offers a place for much needed affordable housing.

Many members of the new organization are asking why this location was never considered for the MLS soccer stadium.

Hastings admitted he is pushing for the Metro Center location on behalf of his constituents, adding the other plans could be formulated for the fairgrounds.

To learn more about the organization, visit their Facebook page ‘Move MLS Soccer Stadium to Metro Nashville’.