Nashville taxpayer is going to be flipping the bill

This transit plan that the Mayor and her counsel, which is not the counsel of the people obviously, have proposed to run from downtown to Charlotte Pike and West End Avenue, which stops at White Bridge Road. It has nothing to do with people who work and pay taxes in this area that have a hard time getting through the traffic to get home if they live locally. There are so many problems that Nashville has, there are major neighborhoods that flood every time we have a rain. If they are going to build a tunnel downtown, what is going to happen when it floods? Because it will. They never talk about things that really need fixing. They get mindset about this soccer stadium and this transit to take people/out of towners from their hotels to the restaurants, to the events and the stadiums, and has nothing to do with the taxpayer who will ultimately line up 10 years down the road after these stadiums have been built, they will need to be repaired and upgraded and the Nashville taxpayer is going to have to flip the bill just like we had to do for the Titans stadium.

Multistory monstrosity
Now that Southern Land Company’s Vertis building, located at the corner of Hillsboro Pike and Richard Jones Road, taken shape, I think it’s quite obvious that project should never have been approved. It’s a multistory monstrosity that will only exacerbate the traffic nightmare that already exists in that area. Frankly, I’m considering changing jobs just to avoid having to go to Green Hills. As for the mass transit proposal, let Southern Land pay for it. Why should I, as a local resident, have to pay higher taxes simply because our local leaders can’t say no to reckless development?

In need of sidewalks
When can we expect some sidewalks on the North Side of Nashville. I’m tired of my tax dollars financing improvements everywhere but here. Sidewalks, on the North side of Nashville are needed, Mrs. Mayor!

Adios and hello
Thank you voters of Alabama! You made the nation and yourselves proud. Adios Roy Moore!
Hello Doug Jones!

Sidewalks and speed bumps needed
When will we see sidewalks on Wayland Drive in Green Hills? I’m tired of paying $20, 000 a year taxes and not getting services for my tax dollars. People walking their dogs or airing their babies in strollers are constantly dodging cars

That barrel down Wayland. No one obeys the speed limit.
Put some speed bumps on the street also before someone gets killed. Sidewalks and speed bumps are needed on Wayland Drive in Green Hills.

Library of the year?
I find it hard to believe that Nashville Public Library won “Library of the Year.” Take a look at what the Cleveland Public Library in Cleveland, Ohio offers. Now, that’s a full service library. We need to have the Nashville Libraries open longer on Sundays so the kids can do their homework and have more computer instruction services. Nashville Public Library, take your cue from what the Cleveland Public Li- brary offers in Cleveland, Ohio.

Estes repair
Can we do something about getting Estes repaired? We’re have too many patches and not enough completion. Hello, Mayor. Estes, please.

Obamacare was excellent
All the idiots be crying now because they can’t afford health insurance. Obamacare was an excellent plan that offered coverage to many persons who had no insurance. It was a miracle come true. Now it’s screwed up and rates are going up now. Congratulations Trump Voters! May your house and possessions be seized when you can’t afford those outrageous medical bills.

Thank you, thank you
Thank you to all the Dialysis Techs, Dialysis RN’s, doctors, administrators at the Frensenius Dialysis Vandy Clinic on 21st Street, who treated me 3 times a week and kept me alive. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So glad he lost
Roy Moore should have spent a little more time cultivating some African American and Jewish friends and less time cruising the Alabama Shopping Malls. I’m so glad he was not elected. Congratulations to the people of Alabama!

Professional, efficient service
Thank you to the employees of the Belle Meade Post Office. They always offer professional, efficient service and are very helpful. Good Job!

Required to plant trees
Why aren’t we requiring housing developers to plant more trees? They should have to put in three trees for every one that they take out. Also, the landscaping that is installed needs to consist of native plants that minimize water usage. Why isn’t our city more innovative and demanding of housing developers? How about requiring apiaries and roof top gardens on tall buildings. This reduces pollution and beautifies our city. Why aren’t we requiring more public statues in our landscape? Remove the tired old Confederate statues and replace them with some contemporary public art. Make our city known for its public art, gardens, trees, and bee friendly atmosphere. Let’s use some imagination and foresight.

It comes back around
This is in response to the reader’s comment, Happy after failures. He is upset that people are actually happy when Trump  messes up. So let me ask this,  was he happy when Obama made mistakes? What goes around comes around.

Runner / biker safety
Last night I saw a runner dressed all in black from head to toe with a black hat and the sunset had just gone down. It was very dark and he cut across the road; you could not see him at all. My question is to these runners and bikers; wouldn’t it be smart to wear reflective tape or white, orange, yellow, or other bright colors?
I don’t understand why someone  would dress themselves all in black. They are putting themselves at risk. If you save one life doing it, yours, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Kmart closing
Thank you to The News for the write up in November on the liquidation of Kmart in Donelson.
The information was very helpful and informative. With the store closing in late January,  it will be good for people to know and take advantage of the sales.

Throw trash in the can and not on the street
I live in Green Hills and with all the elegant shops there is still trash on the street. One area looks like a trash dump. There’s no excuse for trash to be all over the street and everything. Why can’t people throw their trash in trash cans and not on the street?

New Yorker
This is in response to the person who tells exactly what happened. The comment is talking about Hillary Clinton and her book. I am not a big Hillary Clinton fan but it was amusing to me that people who voted for Trump will talk about how Hillary Clinton is a New Yorker and doesn’t know nothing  about the rest of the country, Donald Trump is a New Yorker and he didn’t know about the rest of the country. So, remember the guy you voted for is a New Yorker.

Dirty windows
My wife and I have lived in Hermitage for the past 25 years. After church one day we stopped at McDonalds in Hermitage and went in to get some breakfast. When we sat down, the windows looked like they had not been cleaned in months. Some of them you could hardly see through,  especially in the corners. Looks like for as much money as McDonald’s takes in, they could at least hire someone to keep the place clean for people going in and out.

Praying for a different location
I cannot believe  that HG Hill is planning  to build a one-hundred room apartment complex at the corner of Hillsborough and Bandy. Green Hills is becoming so over-developed with too many cars. There is just simply not enough room. I don’t know where they think they’re going to do this.  I live in the senior building at the corner of Abbott Martin Road and it is so dangerous. You’re taking your life into your hands everytime you leave your apartment. I pray they come up with a different location.