Nashville Fire Department and Former Tennessee Titan had recently placed a friendly wager last Saturday’s playoff game

Sherborn Massachusetts Fire Department Chief and Former Tennessee Titan Erron Kinney  joined with Nashville Fire Department Director Chief William Swann last week in a friendly  wager with Foxboro Fire Chief Roger Hatfield over the Saturday’s AFC Divisional playoff game between the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots where the New England Patriots won 35 to 14.

NFD made a similar wager with the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department before the Titans beat the Kansas City Chiefs, two weeks ago.

Chief Kinney played for the Tennessee Titans as a Tight End for eight years. In good conscience, Chief Kinney couldn’t participate in the 2nd Annual Buff Project Family Fire Safety Challenge, so he recruited Chief Hatfield. The friendly wager entailed that the losing team’s fire chief install an officially licensed NFL smoke-detector branded with the winning team’s logo in their office.

“I love the Tennessee Titans and their fans. They always treated me and my family with love. Go Titans!“ said Chief Kinney. “Football is a game that I love, but my life passion has always been to be a firefighter to protect and serve the public. I love Sherborn and am very proud to serve this great town. I want each and every family to know that importance of having smoke alarms in their homes. They save lives and that’s what’s most important here.”

As part of the wager, The Buff Project, a New York City-based fire safety organization and distributor of officially licensed NFL Team Identified Smoke alarms, will donate 50 NFL licensed team-branded smoke detectors for each game throughout the playoffs to the fire departments to use in their fire safety outreach efforts.

“Chief Kinney is a bigger than life figure here in the State of Tennessee. Watching him play for the Titans and then to watch him take that same passion and bring it to the fire service is inspirational,” Chief Swann said. As far as this past weekend’s game, having a Titans identified smoke alarm installed over Chief Hatfield’s desk is what Swann had hoped would become a reality.

“We all win if families are safe. I am grateful that The Buff Project has given smoke alarms some pizazz for each city,” said Chief Hatfield. “I hope Chief Swann enjoys having the Patriots identified smoke alarm in his office, they are always on!”

For information about The Buff Project and to purchase a team-identified smoke detector, visit: www.thebuffproject. com.