Misguided attempts to cleanse history

“I can scarcely believe the times I find myself living in”, to borrow the line… Monuments to Confederate War dead are being destroyed in some Orwellian attempt to change the history of our country. This is a misguided attempt to cleanse history of anything that does not meet the hyperbolically Orwellian “right-think” standards of today. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of American history will know that the Civil War was fought over more than slavery. It is estimated that between 3 to 5% of the U.S. population were slave owners at the peak of its existence in this country. It is also known that some freed Blacks were in turn slave owners themselves. None of which excuses the institution of slavery; but at the time of the Civil War, that nightmarish economic model was considered to be on the way out.

Around 750,000 people died in the Civil War; and most, if not all, of the statues were constructed before most anyone today was even alive. Are we starting an American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution? Does anyone think this is going to end well?

Keep America safe from deadly illness
I thought president Trump was going to make America safe. Well, we now see that he wants to cut the Center for Disease Control’s budget by over a billion dollars. Let’s all pray that Congress will not go along with such a foolish plan that would make America a lot less safe from outbreaks of deadly illness.

Police are distracted downtown, attracts criminals to the burbs
Is anyone thinking that a majority of the recent crimes happening in Nashville have occurred in neighborhoods on the nights that a majority of police officers are downtown during big events, like hockey and music award shows? Three murders were recorded in neighborhoods in one night while the police were assigned to guard drunk hockey fans downtown. Wake up Nashville and get your priorities in order!

Learn our laws before you get behind the wheel
Recently, I was driving toward Belle Meade Blvd from Bellevue when I saw that a red light was out next to the Krystal in Belle Meade. I approached with caution to do as I was taught in studying for my driving test; you treat a light that is not working as a four way stop. Then I got to the light at Walgreens and that light was out so I treated it as a four way stop, also. My point is this; the majority of the people going each way did not. They breeze right through as if it’s a recommendation but not a signal that says that they have to stop. And some even blew their horns at us folks that knew the proper way to treat the lights.
It might be a good idea to make people read the laws and then memorize the laws. Too many out of towners are here who also take it upon themselves to drive around without knowing how things are done in the place they are visiting.

Triple A has the worse tow away service on the planet
I called the AAA roadside assistance number after hitting a pothole on the interstate which cause my vehicle to experience two flat tires. I was told a tow truck would be there in 10 minutes.

After waiting on the side of the road for 90 minutes I called again and was told that Uncle Dave’s Service would be there in 10-15 minutes.  After 20 minutes I called again and got the same answer. Then I received an alert on my phone that read that the ETA would be 74 minutes. I called several more times and got the same 10-15 minute answer.  After 3 hours I called again and this time the agent for AAA put me on hold and after 10 minutes of being on hold I hung up and called Hillwood Wrecker Service which was 1.9 miles away and they were there in 10 minutes–I then cancelled my service request with AAA. Their service experience is the worst.

I support guns, but not you or me being armed in a public space
‘To some ideologues, even a few in Nashville’, more guns means more public safety. ‘Hogwash!’  America, thanks to the NRA, now has a gun death rate five to ten times greater than that of any other country at our level of economic development. Like Mr. Madison, I have a rifle in my home to defend my family from harm. But it makes no sense to me that in today’s day and age, there are still some who want us, contrary to the Second Amendment, to carry guns outside the home into day care centers, schools, grocery stores, bars, and on and on, instead of leaving public safety in those places to those who are best trained for it, our police officers.

Good things about Trump the media misses talking about
It just seems the media coverage keeps getting more ridiculous by the day regarding President Trump. At the time of this writing he has already gotten billions of dollars of contracts for American companies on his overseas trip and if you are forced to watch CNN or MSNBC they’re like a broken record worrying about Russians.
Russia  has tried interfering in our elections since the 1920’s but this seems all they care about and hardly cover his overseas trip except to hope he makes some small mistake like tracking something in on his shoes or some other triviality. Quite frankly I’m pretty happy that since he’s been in office the number of illegal immigrants travelling into the United States has dropped dramatically and the government has started cracking down on gangs like MS13.
We have a great new Supreme Court Justice that follows the law. We have saved millions of man hours by getting rid of useless over regulation within the industrial sector. We are making great strides in being energy independent and these days our word actually means something in talks of foreign relations.
Tax reform has been a goal for both sides of the aisle for years and I’m betting it gets done with this president. Meanwhile, the financial markets and the economy continues to improve.

I really don’t know how he keeps going with the hatred the leftist media keeps coming up with. He certainly didn’t need the job.

And when did late night comedians become experts on government? They make disgusting remarks at night and then mug the camera’s attention and this passes as brilliance. The one that really gets me is the guy from South Africa that isn’t even an American citizen.

Should I not get better benefits as a Veteran?
I spent 4 years in the United States Navy around jet engines on the ground and on three aircraft carriers. My hearing took quite a beating in that time. A couple of years ago I was examined by a V.A. hearing specialist and was told I needed hearing aids. However, at that time I was told I could not qualify for V.A. assistance  because they determined the hearing loss was not service connected.

Plus, I own my home and I had money in the bank which is also a disqualification.
Forward to today and our government has given a convicted former soldier a prison term for selling government secrets  which he served only a part of and was released. He was booted out of the Army but is qualified to receive veteran medical benefits. He is now a she that we, the tax payers, footed the bill for. Does anyone else see the unjust action here or am I being selfish thinking that I should get some Veterans benefits? I have never asked for any in the past. Thank You

Be less critical of the President
With the way our government was set up by our founding fathers every American is entitled to their opinion.  Why are some Americans, especially politicians, so critical of their sitting president.  Each president takes on the hard and thankless job. With all the turmoil in our world let’s get behind our president or at least be less critical. Especially the press needs to do this. For example, it amazes me that the cost of President Trump’s trips to Florida constantly make the news.

Problems with MNPS
Nashville’s Public Schools have major problems and many here won’t admit it. Buildings need 21st century updating. Many families are choosing our excellent private schools, moving to the suburbs or hoping they can get into the few, really good public schools. Portable classrooms are everywhere. 2/3 of all third graders and 60% of all 8th graders, are already behind in reading. Some staff members were even delayed in getting their state certification. Our HS graduation rate is only 81%. Their answer is to expand the gifted program and build new schools. Are they kidding? That’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Last year, over 1,300 students were suspended statewide in one grade alone. You heard me right, suspended! Who are these troublemakers? They were kindergarteners! Are we to believe that our teachers can’t handle a five year old?

Their solution: The Teachers Union is conducting another time-consuming, expensive study, while our students continue to fall behind. Until we find a way to immediately improve Nashville’s Public Schools, we must turn to charter schools, school vouchers, merit pay and reducing tenure.. There is absolutely no reason to have the wealthy and privileged attend private schools while the rest go public.

Rail system would be expensive and increase commute time
In day to day traffic, hundreds of thousands of people in the greater Nashville area travel from hundreds of thousand points A to ten of thousands of points B, mainly by car. A light rail system, with its tremendous costs in infrastructure, property cost (by eminent domain lowballing the property owners whose property will be taken), can only have a couple dozen of so points A and points B (stations). People have to first get to point A (the departure station) somehow, probably by car, necessitating the taking of property to build huge parking lots. Once the people arrive at point B (the arrival station), they still need another conveyance to get to point C, their final destination. Much as Mayor Barry would like to believe, this will not be by walking or riding a bicycle, particularly in this climate; what works in Portland, Oregon, will not necessarily work here. Overall, such a system will INCREASE commute times. A light rail solution may work well when people live in very dense, concentrated areas and work in dense concentrated areas, but in the greater Nashville area, people drive in from other counties, even from other states, and work in many thousands of scattered offices, buildings and plants NOT concentrated in downtown Nashville.

This is the typical progressive “we know better what is best for you” expensive approach. Instead of using common sense relatively inexpensive solutions—like resynchronizing the traffic lights—and not allowing new buildings to be crammed up to the existing streets precluding ever widening or even the sensible much needed solution (for example), a center turn lane the entire length of Franklin Road/8th Avenue South and Charlotte Avenue—which would do much to alleviate traffic, light rail is proposed. Light rail will entail massive property taking, huge tax increases, and will not even remotely solve the problem, given the spread of living and workplaces in Nashville and surrounding counties, vs say the density of New York or Chicago. Remember the AMP? An expensive boondoggle that would have clogged West End Avenue, delayed ambulances from getting to major hospitals near West End, tied up commuters getting to and from work just so people in West Nashville could attend events like Predators games without having to take and park their cars.

This light rail plan is designed to force people out of their cars (where a human being has a modicum of control still left) into massive transit—it will be expensive, add to commute time, and will not be a good solution for the majority of people who lie and work in the greater Nashville area.