Might be a narcissist if

You might be a narcissist if you take your own child’s wedding and somehow figure out how to make it all about yourself.

Shine a light on them
Why do we continue to waste time and money on legal fees to tear down the Confederate statues and flags. Let them stay up and shine the light on them so the world and everyone else can see how backwards the South was and still is.

Is this card asking for a tip
Has anyone shopping at Kroger, when checking out have  been given an envelope with a Christmas card in it. On the card was written “love always” with the cashier’s name on it. Is this asking for a tip?

Very concerned
I noticed in the news a gun shop in Hendersonville was attempted to be robbed for the third time by teenagers. Every time its teenagers. Has anyone ever considered the reason why teenagers keep doing it, maybe someone is paying them to steal from that gun store? Or are the teenagers convinced all they are going to get is a slap on the wrist?
If you’re going to try robbing a place for guns, then you need to be charged as an adult. If you’re going to get a gun and  sell it and if that gun kills somebody then the person selling the gun needs to be hold responsible.
Slapping them on the wrist and treating them like babies  will not solve the problem. These teenagers need to be tried as adults and maybe the younger kids will open their eyes and say I don’t want that.
I’ve seen it for years and years and it’s getting worse    and worse. I hope Metro in Hendersonville finds out who it is. that is my biggest concern, does anyone agree with this?

Guess it’s true, money does speak
Yes I’m reading an issue of The News. Here’s a sarcastic thank you for changing the skyline at the Green Hills Mall. When driving down Hillsboro Road I did like seeing the three glass pyramids atop of the mall building, gone now. All but one is visible from Hillsboro Road. That ugly towering three story building which looms over the Suntrust Bank, it’s just another eye sore for the Green Hills Mall area along with the ugly building at the corner of Richard Jones and Hillsboro Road. Megan Barry and her counsel buddies will not be getting my vote if any of them run. I’m looking to move after living in the Green Hills area for over 40 years. We have such problems with other issues like flooding and traffic. I just can’t believe they overruled the people and their objections to that building  at the corner of Richard Jones Road. Guess its true, money does speak.

Full trash cans and commode problems
My wife and I went by McDonalds in Hermitage and I went into the men’s bathroom. The commode was stopped up and running over, it was so bad it ran out over into  the floor. Inside the restaurant, you couldn’t put anything in the trash cans because they were so full. I told one of the employees about the bathrooms, customers can’t use them and trash cans are so full, there’s no place to throw anything away after cleaning the table.

Where’s the 2% raise to Social Security
Last year it was announced  that Social Security would get a raise by 2%. Instead of raising Social Security, the medicare tax went up and nobody that I know got the raise. Politicians need to either quit promising or get their act together. Thank you.

Proper Navigating procedure
As a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant, “E-VIII” with a son currently serving in an Overseas Surface Warfare Command assignment with the rank of Captain “O-VI”, please allow me the opportunity to offer a couple of comments to your readers regarding the present terrible state-of-affairs  of the Pacific fleet dealing with multiple collisions-at-sea and the total unnecessary  deaths of our sailors and petty officers.
I’m most disturbed that no comment has been made to the American people by  the  Navy’s Jag staff to explain how the Navy’s willingness for “Closest -Point-of-Approach” are supposed to be followed by the personnel, both those who have enlisted E Ranks and those who are Commissioned Officers, serving on U.S. Navy ship’s bridge in order to determine the proximity that an approaching vessel, whatever their national  registry happens to be, will have to till to the U.S. Navy ship, should both vessels  continue to follow their original heading.
Because of these multiple collisions have occurred,

Americans need to be aware the U.S. Navy has this “Navigating Procedure” that when properly implemented, will prevent collisions!

From within
If and when this country is destroyed, it will come from within- not without.

Just wait
You ain’t seen nothing yet, alot of people are upset with the Mayor and her counsel members that have forgotten who put them in office. Well, just wait and when election time comes, you will have your Democrats back. Then, you can complain about less jobs, money in your pocket, children being held back. You just wait, and Obamacare will have you eating dog food and I hope the Republicans realize the opportunities they had and lost.

Tax ignorance
When did paying less taxes become a bad thing? Hard as it is to believe only 17% of people believe the new tax code will help them and yet the cold hard fact is that 84% will benefit from the new tax law. Why such a disconnect ? If  you listen to that whiney little weasel Chuck Schumer looking out over his half glasses lecturing us and his media allies this is just for the rich, but how can doubling …repeat.. doubling the standard deduction not help the middle class.  The bulk of the rich itemize their deductions and don’t use the standard deduction. The child tax credit which is for people who don’t even pay taxes has been increased. This is just wealth transfer or a better name is welfare. How is that for the rich? The democrats make it sound awful that corporate rates are dropping but once again even Obama said they were too high because we were at 35% which is much higher than the rest of the world making us uncompetitive. He just didn’t want to alienate the far left and do anything about it.   Corporations aren’t some evil empire but places where people work and they pay dividends to people and provide the living standard we enjoy. It’s laughable every time I hear these democrats trying to sound like deficit hawks worried about a possible 1.5 trillion increase over ten years when they just presided over an 8 trillion increase over 8 years which doubled our deficit over 8 years.  I say possible because if we do indeed get the growth rate up to 3 to 4 % even the deficit won’t increase.The top 20% of the taxpayers pay 84% of the taxes collected while the bottom 20% pay a minus 2.9% so people need to be better informed and don’t let the democrats and their media buddies get away with fooling the people with lies and preying on envy that somewhere out there someone is better off than you.

‘Nashville’ cancelation
Ticks me off when no one notices a big happening in Nashville. We did it again recently with the cancelation, the second cancelation of the TV show ‘Nashville’. It was a good show for the country folk. It certainly advertised the country music business but did it ever really have any large number of viewers. Not really or network TV would have kept it. It was regional and country hick specific in the show’s appeal. That ain’t go-to-the-bank TV for the business side of the business.
But that is not the big happening.
No, but that taxpayer spigot of tax dollars given away to this entertainment special interest is not over. No longer do the   taxpayers of Tennessee and Nashville have to prop up a TV show that no one watched. So when no eyeballs watch the value to the state and the city is not there. Remember all those elected officials telling us it was good for the city and the state. Anyone hear them now? It was all talk as we got fleeced again.
Now, get ready for all the hey-hey-hey we need more taxpayer cash for a semi-pro soccer team. Yes, semi-pro as Ameri- can soccer is like the TV show Nashville. Nobody watches it especially since you can watch world-class soccer from England, Spain, Germany, etc. You know, the players that play in the soccer World Cup. Here we go our tax dollars again and it ticks me off.

Exercising property rights
I hope I do not need to check my hearing because that would just about make 2017 one of the lowest points in this person’s life. So let me check because I am hearing something is kind of off. It comes from a prominent State Rep who is from the area. He has been a loose cannon in the past so checking that what he said is correct seems only natural. Topic is monuments to the Confederacy.
Was it said that the sale of property in Memphis that did not adhere to the spirit of the law that Tennessee has regarding removal of monuments to the Confederacy? Now land was sold and the new private owners are doing what owners do when they buy property, they fix it up. In Nashville we have new owners tear down every kind of home or structure imaginable. The new owners have the right to their property and. Shoot, in the 1800’s you could beat a man senseless every day if he was your property, right?
So this State Rep says exercising your property rights is not in the spirit of law when it comes to bringing down statues that praise the same Confeder- ate folks. These Confederates fought to protect the rights of slave owners to do what they wished with their property. In the 1800’s it was human property. But private property is private property. Government has no business interfering with this business. It is not ‘business friendly’, right? Does not make sense?
Btw, what spirits in this law are we talking about anyway? The State Rep sounds like the cannon is on the loose again.

Female point of view
I am so tired of the sheer pettiness of the press about the Trumps. The latest media joke is about how when President Trump travels he stays in Trump properties. Where is he supposed to stay? in Bernie Sanders’s vacation home? As ridiculous as that is, the thing that bothers me the most as a woman is the constant criticism of Ivanka Trump wearing clothes from her own clothing line. Where are all the feminists that should be proud of a woman who started and runs a vast successful business that employs a lot of people and pays a lot of taxes. A business having nothing to do with her father’s business. She could have chosen to just sit around doing nothing. Apparently, the only successful women to be looked up to are liberal women. Maybe if she wore a Che Guevara T shirt they would be happy.

Tighter control
Another shooting tragedy this week in New Jersey where a 16 year old boy killed his entire family with an automatic rifle. It ticks me off and makes me so angry that our political leaders are allowing the NRA to control what happens when it comes to putting tighter controls on automatic weapons. These weapons are designed for mass destruction, and that is exactly what they are being used for. Yes, this boy might be mentally ill, but the gun he used was registered to someone in his own family. The fact that it existed in his house just made it much easier for him to use it for murder and destruction!
Oh America, wake up and stop this needless slaughter!

Gifts made in China
Just got my gift box from the Tennessee Titans that was sent to season ticket holders to show their gratitude for continuing to support the Titans. Great gifts; a nice hat, drink coasters, socks, a player figurine, and a carrying bag. Nice stuff! All made in China by cheap labor! Thanks Titans for supporting the American worker who keeps you in business!

Crashing down of the Christmas tree
Several days after planting it, Nashville’s Christmas tree came crashing down. Can anyone please tell me, why? with all those PhDs from Vanderbilt, University of Tennessee, Lipscomb and Belmont, and all those brilliant business leaders scooping up million dollar apartments downtown, there wasn’t one person in all of Nashville, who could figure out how to keep our town’s 40-foot Christmas tree from toppling over, just days after it was planted in Public Square Park?
Since Nashville’s Mayor Barry and her crack team of engineers and city planners are all from Al Gore’s hometown, I’m sure global warming will be mentioned as the cause of this humiliating event. But, what if climate change didn’t do it?
Could this be a foreshadowing of things yet to come? Don’t forget, we in Nashville will be voting on the Mayor’s 15 year, $5.2 Billion dollar infrastructure referendum. That’s billion, with a capital “B”. Do you think the same people who planted our Christmas tree, with its 4,000 lights and extremely short lifetime, will be the same geniuses in charge of this massive project?  Let’s hope that they will do a better job repairing our roads, building the new tunnel,  and expanding Nashville’s commuter buses and trains. Otherwise, this thriving, modern city may be in for a very long, chaotic and heavy taxed decade.

“Sticks” illegal on Capitol Hill
Ticked Off! reader “guns vs. signs” seems angry (an understatement) that protest signs w/sticks attached are not allowed on Capitol Hill. Just submit an application with fingerprints for a background check, pay a fee, undergo training, petition your lawmakers, and wait a few years. It’s that simple!

Overflowing bins and lids that won’t close
All I see after the holidays is overflowing garbage bins lining the streets with cardboard, plastic and other recyclables stuffed so high the lids wont even close. Litter everywhere along the roads and fields and in the woods are a disgrace to the so called “It City”. Here is a news flash for you citizens, city hall and the Mayor. Truly great cities and towns in the U.S. and around the world are clean, tidy and environmentally friendly. What an embarrassment – its just the same old Trashville to me.