Make a difference in a kids life…

I hear alot of people who are  ticked off about things to do with the homeless, poor or public school kids. I think there is really a good way that regular people can do something to help.
We have in Nashville a Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. I’ve been a big sister and my husband has been a big brother. You can do one hour a week or you can pick them up to do things around town. It’s a great way of making a difference in a kids life. It’s also a great way to become involved and educationed. It’s delightful, you get to know a kid and their family and make a difference in their life.
Anyone who is complaining about the situation in our city  today should at least first be making a difference with one child and call Big Brothers / Big Sisters and get started in the process of being checked out to see that you’re not creepy or anything, and then you get matched with a kid. It’s a wonderful program  and its a first step anybody who cares about the city and in helping needy kids.

More die from crashes
Apparently, a “Ticked off” reader doesn’t like comparing gun deaths to automobile deaths. Check with the Center for Disease Control and the stats will show that more people die from crashes than guns. I’m not saying that we need to ban cars but rather restrict their use through background checks before buying or leasing, more permits and fees, stop private sales, shut down car shows, blame the auto industry, and more smart technology. For every restriction you can place on guns you can place it on automobiles. After all, if we can save just one life it will be worth violating someone’s constitutional rights.

Worried about Carpool Tunnel Syndrome
I’m ticked off at all the people that have “Drive Like Your Kid Lives Here” signs in Belle Meade, Bellevue, Brentwood, Forest Hills and Franklin that think it’s ok to speed through Green Hills! I’m also ticked off about the proposed tunnel with “Let’s Move Nashville”.  I already carpool to downtown Nashville and worry I will develop Carpool Tunnel Syn-drome!

Hiding money
Now let me see, if I can hide 75 million dollars from the IRS in foreign bank accounts, that means I would not have to pay taxes on it! Right? It also means that hiding that money would be stealing from the American taxpayer, since all the money in the U.S Treasury collected from the taxpayer belongs to the Federal Government, which spends that money on roads, parks, military, veterans, etc., etc. Well now, that just would not be right would it? I think if I did that it would bother me a great deal. Some folks however, do not care one bit about this country, but are concerned only with their own wealth and power.

Heritage can be confusing and sad
Sad, confused and ticked off since the leaders we now have seem to forget their facts when describing history. Here is the latest example that is unnerving. And it comes from a decorated military man. This general who now is the chief director of our President’s affairs stated that he thinks of Robert E. Lee as an honorable man. So to be sure we get the word means here some synonyms for honorable include honest, moral, ethical, trustworthy and principled. We know over the last 125 plus years General Lee has been morphed into a kind gentleman that resembles an affectionate grandfather. That is the crafted heritage not the history.
Robert E. Lee was a graduate of the United States Military Academy or as it is known West Point. He graduated as an officer in the United States Army. As with every commissioned officer it is presumed new graduates like Lee took an oath as they are given their rank in the US Army. That oath used in 1829 states clearly, ‘… in the Army of the United States, do solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will bear true allegiance to the United States of America, and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whatsoever.’ Over the years there have been updates as now the allegiance is to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic.
So here is the cross section of the dilemma. Put into a sentence the word honorable, the man Robert E. Lee and the choice he made to revoke his sworn oath to his country as he joined the Confederate Army in 1862.
Like much of the heritage it can be confusing and sad.

Failing to stop is not fair to drivers
Joggers! Seriously? Taking State Law Crossings without stop? Flashing from behind cars. Is that remotely fair to drivers, not to mention an interest in self-preservation? To      the gent crossing Belmont at Sweetbriar at top speed – where is the common sense to go along with your grey beard?

Don’t understand
A man who forces himself upon a woman without her explicit permission is a “rapist”. While a woman who “accidentally” becomes pregnant and seeks an abortion is considered a “feminist hero”?!

Where is recycling pickup
Am I the only one who thinks its crazy Nashville does not have a recycling pickup for glass items and light bulbs?

The shoe hurts different
The shoe does hurt when its on your foot much different than on the other person’s foot.

Let’s ban pickup trucks
I want to talk with all the liberals and leftists, let’s get together. We need to band pickup trucks.
It was a pickup truck that killed those people in New York. It wasn’t the driver.
Come on, all you people who want to band guns, let’s get the pickup trucks. Are you with me? Let’s go!

Make mine a ribeye, cowboy cut
Absolute nonsense ticks you off every time but they never stop. Have you heard about how the corporate windfall tax cut will guarantee every worker thousands of dollars in pay? Come on. Clearly, these folks pushing this chicanery believe we are numbskulls. Now, if you look at the last year or so you may see why they believe this. I mean if someone signs up for a CD-ROM University that is run by a guy that sells juicy prime cut steaks online then there must be an audience for this type of misinformation. BTW, Trump and the kids all went to Ivy League schools not some online college. They don’t listen to the nonsense. And their alma maters did not fold and go bankrupt, did they?
Why would a corporation that is singly obligated to bring shareholders increasing profit dollars give money to the employees? Has this been a corporate pattern? Have they been giving employees a portion of their extra cash? Corporate profits are exploding without the tax cut. But what do you see as an employee? No more pensions, stagnant pay, ever increasing employee costs for healthcare coverage and it goes on. That is what these companies do. There will be no $9,000 per employee as touted by our current President’s Council of Economic Advisors. There is no mission statement other than paying shareholders for corporations. Plain deception is at work here.
We all would be more likely to get a free $9.95 Trump steak. Make mine a ribeye, cowboy cut.

Use the talents God gave us to save life
Now that we have another gun massacre in Texas we are asked again not to talk about the nation’s addiction to gun use but to offer a prayer. The question of to whom do we pray for is always a challenge for me. Those victims now dead from a nutcase’s rapid fire military-style weapon, absolutely. Their families deserve our prayers as well. But why do we always stop with prayers? At the very least we should pray for the next 25-50 victims to be slaughtered in the near future, right? That is just around the corner.
This upsets plain folk to no end. We offer prayers to the almighty but no action. God gave us free will, self-determination, conscience and compassion for times when human courage is so badly needed. Why do we just pray and not use the talents God gave us to save human life, to be Pro-Life if you will? The  plain answer is collectively as Americans we take these tragic murders in stride. And when you think of our cowardice to not use our God given talents to try to stop the next innocent slaughter remember this; when those children at Sandy Hook elementary school were gunned down America barely flinched as no action was pursued by our leaders. Killing kids in school became bearable. America just went about its business.
So maybe we need to pray for ourselves and hope the next slaughter does not hit close to home.