Madison Square Shopping Center development could surpass Green Hills’s vision

David Smith | GCA News

The proposed Madison Town Center will be a mixed-used development in Madison.  	              - photo by Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc

The proposed Madison Town Center will be a mixed-used development in Madison.
                                                                              – photo by Aerial Innovations of TN, Inc

Late last month the Madison Square Shopping Center was given the go ahead as the next place for significant development in Davidson County, similar to such areas as Antioch, Germantown, 12South and The Nations.

Located at 721 Gallatin Pike S. in Madison, the approximately 33-acre site is proposed to be a mixed-use development of retail, mid-rise office, entertainment, restaurant and multi- family housing.
The site was identified by Nashville Next, a document mapping out future growth in Nashville, as a high priority for improvement of public spaces, transit support and future growth.

“We’ve been listening to the Madison residents and business owners and encourage their vision for this vibrant, diverse community,” said Tom Corcoran, of Corcoran-Maddox development partners.
Corcoran and Jim Maddox, along with Hawkins Partners, Inc., have spearheaded the development.

“While Madison Square was originally considered the sister development to Green Hills, we fully expect for it to surpass that vision. We will learn from what Green Hills is today and develop an even more vital environment,” said Corcoran.

In the 1950s, Green Hills and Madison Square shared a similar tenant base like Levy’s, McClure’s and other high-end retailers.

The property is currently utilized as a 250,000-square-foot shopping center along Gallatin Pike S. with anchor stores like Dollar General and the new Avocado Market.

Metro officials consider this part of Gallatin Pike as a major arterial road suited for expanded transit. According to the Mayor’s Office, the road currently carries almost 30,000 cars per day.

Construction for this development is planned to begin in spring of 2019.

Metro Council District 8 Councilmember Nancy VanReece, who represents parts of Madison and North Inglewood along the Gallatin Pike corridor, is optimistic about the project.

“I believe this rezoning ushers in Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency Transit Oriented Development interests and further establishes a need to extend the light rail from Briley Parkway to this location,” she said.

The Planning Commission is scheduled to consider the project at its January 12 meeting.

According to VanReece, a public meeting with Corcoran-Maddox and Hawkins Partners will be held January 6 at 10 a.m. in the Community Room at Fifty Forward Madison Station. Feedback from neighbors will be encouraged.