Life was good before Obamacare

What was life like before Obamacare? The people that had no insurance were still treated at the hospital and were not turned away. And the ones who had insurance were pleased with their policy.  Before Obama Care, some people liked their health care premiums.

The Affordable Act forces people to pay more.  These politicians get into the office and try to make a legacy for themselves and the people suffer. Obamacare is a monster that has caused all kinds of trouble. People are mad at each other and fighting when they need to look at the ones who let this monster loose. I’m tired of the fighting and arguing in Washington. Go back to the way we were before Obamacare and start over from there because with the program we have now, it’s a losing battle.

Stop driving so close
I’m ticked off at the person who sent in the comment “Indicate your intentions”. I don’t know where you got your driver’s license, but driving too close is against the law. You can get a ticket for driving on someone’s bumper. If you leave enough  space between your car and the car in front of you, you have time for any situation that arises. While you’re trying to give a lesson, take one from me – stop driving so close.

Please stop texting at stop lights
I’m calling about my pet peeve, which is people who are texting at stop lights. The traffic in this area is horrendous enough without having to wait for someone who is totally engrossed in their phone and oblivious to the fact that the light has changed. Some of the green arrows have a really short window for one’s turning. All of the people behind them don’t get to go because you selfish people are wrapped up into your phones instead of paying attention to driving.

So ask yourself, is this me and if so please be aware that you should keep an eye on the traffic and try not to be on your phone when you’re driving, Thank you.

Something to be aware of with construction
A word of advice to anyone who lives in a neighborhood in which there is home construction going on. Please be aware of any construction workers who are not keeping their eyes on their own work but yet are keeping their eyes on you! Checking your in and out habits. It’s possible that some are snooping around when you are gone or setting up robberies. Accountability needs to be given to construction companies and the names of all construction workers and all their credentials should be available to the residents in these respected areas in which  they are working.

To be fair and balanced, sometimes the presence of construction workers can hinder robberies in a neighborhood if there are not many people around. But beware, when construction workers are watching you and not keeping an eye on their own work.

Maybe people should pay for using sidewalks
This comment is to the guy from the other week who said  bicyclists  should pay for sharing the road. Well yeah, of course, since we take as much space as a car, right? Not! Notice if there’s bike lanes for us to use.
Well then, people should pay for using the sidewalks and walking on the streets, too. Idiots! By the way, what does that have to do with liberal elites?

Personal commitment to put cell phones down
I’m so happy about this new law that pertains to texting and driving and talking on the phone. I made a personal commitment that if my friends are driving, I tell them to call me back when they are not driving. I think we need to have a campaign in Nashville about it.

If I was the only one
I wouldn’t mind driving in Nashville if I was the only one driving.

Water shut off without notification
My water has been shut off recently and it was shut off a few weeks ago for a few hours and we didn’t know it was going to happen. So I called the water company who said that it was down for scheduled maintenance and that we should have gotten a notification letter. Well we didn’t get one and I can’t imagine the water department would send out letters to everybody. Wouldn’t a robo call be cheaper, perhaps?

If your water is going to be off between 9 am – 5 pm that is a good thing to know because we need water to drink, too, (I’m off to the store to get some bottles of water) much less to brush your teeth, take a bath, cook, laundry or do anything with water.

So it would be a nice thing to know, Metro, hello… wake up and tell us so we can schedule our life. At least do robo calls or post signs in the neighborhood so that people can prepare.

Ultimately, it would have been nice  for the water department to do something to let people know when they are not going to have water  available.

Free parking is a perk, or perhaps it’s not
I’m looking at the Ticked Off comment about the person complaining because Vanderbilt doesn’t give free parking to someone who works there. Free parking is a wonderful thing to  have where you work but it’s not something that your employer is obligated to give you. Perhaps you have it as a perk, perhaps not.
You knew what it was when you took the job. Think about it. See ya.

Nosey peepers
I live on Knob Road and I’m so tired of this couple that lives next door to me. They are probably 70 years old or older. Every time I look out my back door their always peeping through their blinds and being nosey.

The tone of violence comes from the top
It will stick with me forever! A presidential candidate telling his crowd of supporters to “punch him in the face,” referring to a single protester in the crowd during a campaign rally. I could hardly believe that this person was elected President of our great country. Sure enough, someone punched a protester   in the face as the President ordered. On another occasion, he told the Russians to “hack her e-mails” referring to Hillary Clinton. Sure enough, it looks like the Russians hacked or tried to hack into our election process. Now we have Char-lottesville. Does anybody see a connection? The tone is set at the top. Sad day in America! We should all be ticked off!

Where’s the outrage
I see the outrage for removing Civil War statues, but where is the outrage for removing abortion clinics? In 2015 there were about 900,000 children aborted in the U.S.

More money to waste
The no tax Republican party just raised the gas tax, the vehicle registration fee and who knows what else. More money to waste. Tax low income wage earners with the high sales tax. The wealthy sure is glad the income tax is banned.

Criminal immigration
I stay ticked off at people who have the viewpoint that  ICE, the Fed, the Police, the President, are all heartless criminals who break up families  for fun.   In order to believe their bunk, you first have to “overlook and ignore” the   pesky little fact that someone in the family committed the crime of breaking into our country. Get it ?  Not much different as if they broke into your home, business or car,  and now you are obligated to let them stay and even support them because they were successful at stealing your property or your country.   Almost no crime is ever victimless. If we accept the notion that there can be no inconvenience or suffering by anyone  for the head of the family being a criminal, then almost no one could ever be punished, and/or receive prison or jail time. I don’t hear anyone crying about the poor families who have lost their home, went bankrupt, starved to death because their criminal father or mother went to prison, but let one of them get deported, and all of a sudden Donald Trump is a “Family Busting Tyrant.” Folks, there are consequences for breaking any law. Please give some thought to how much scheming and work that went into paying coyotes to hide them in a box or a  truck, and slipped them in during the night, or they cut themselves to pieces slipping under a fence they had to destroy to get in without getting caught.
We can not keep forcing the middleclass workers whose  wages have been all but destroyed in the last 8 years by liberal politicians to pay for more and more people who they never invited in, don’t know, and  don’t want  to support.  Study up on  economics 101 please.