Let’s have controlled growth with Nashville’s residents in mind

You know, putting pineapple on a pizza really doesn’t make it a better pizza, it just makes it different. Some days ago the mayor stated that Nashville was, among other things, pro-business. Next we heard that providing mass transit would most likely entail a sales tax increase. Once again long time Nashville residents are being asked to foot the bill via increased property taxes and sales taxes even though the tax base should be increasing almost daily. In return those residents get an increased cost of living, poor roads, no new services, more bike lanes, and a pedestrian bridge. The thing about business is it is always facing competition and some of those businesses fail. Guess who will make up the difference for said failures. That’s right, the long time residents. The administration will be long gone by then and the new administration will say that it’s not their fault. Let’s have controlled growth with Nashville’s residents in mind. You know, the ones who made it a great place to live in the first place.

Should we try maxing out current transit first
You do realize trying to implement this plan will triple the construction and congestion over the next 15 years and then most of us will have moved away before completion. What about maintenance and upkeep of such a system? Should we look to max out current bus transportation first; offer free rides on shuttles (see what response that gets). I’d rather spend a few million to increase public transportation for shuttles (more buses, more drivers, more routes); versus paying for a 6 billion cluster bomb. Maybe more bikes or 100 million connecting walking bridges is what we need. Most of these folks seeing huge traffic issues live so far outside Nashville, how can we get them to pay the bill or convince them to use some sort of public transportation?

Like drugs, guns also get smuggled in
Heroin and cocaine are illegal. So how is it that they are here by the tons? Criminals don’t obey laws. Neither will they obey the law if guns are banned. Like drugs, guns will just be smuggled into our country by criminals.

Adding to the Nashville debt
I Googled ”is Nashville in debt?” and the only report was $2.2 billion in 2014. Now the mayor wants to add to that?

NFL players who kneel could further their cause in a better way
Do you feel that it’s the First Amendment that gives NFL players the right to kneel while the National Anthem is being sung? Or, do you feel as I do, that this is a bunch of unappreciative, rich guys, who don’t have a clear message, are disrespecting the nation that gave them the opportunity to attain fame and fortune, and that they should use their wealth and notoriety to further their cause in a more productive way. After all, at game time, they are employees of a business which depends on viewers like us. (By the way, I still can’t figure out exactly why they are kneeling.) But, if they have a right to kneel, I have a right not to watch the NFL and to avoid buying their endorsed products.

You now have the opportunity to tell someone how you feel!
Anheuser-Busch has provided a phone number, that allows us to call in and give our opinion on this very subject. Based on the feedback they receive, Anheuser-Busch will strongly consider pulling their sponsorship from the league. So many of you are calling in, that last Monday, this phone line temporarily went down due to an extremely high call volume. So don’t give up! If you have an opinion on this issue, call today!
This is the Anheuser-Busch Line: 1-800-342-5283 (press 1 after the automated greeting).

Leaders should learn from first responders
Since September 11 we have heard a lot about first responders. It’s a pity that Congress and our President can’t have the character and integrity that those men and women have, but maybe they will one day.

Google your mass shooting facts
To the bozo who requested wanting to know when the last mass shooting in Texas was, there were dozens and dozens of them that were not stopped by the good guys with guns over the past few years. All they have to do is Google it.When was the last mass shooting in Texas? It was September 10th of this year where 8 people were murdered. There’s so many murders in Texas you can’t miss them.
And no, I’m not anti-gun, I own a gun but I’m anti-NRA. There’s over 3,200 gun deaths in Texas every year. All you have to do is google the information instead of going by your guts. Use your brain.
Regarding the NFL, people are very upset about the players not standing. How about the indignity the African Americans suffered under slavery and Jim Crow laws? I think these people should be a little more empathetic.

Where is the courtesy after a tragedy
I was part of the group who attended the Melanie Crow funeral, she was a church member. How senseless that a member of the press with a camera thought it was a good idea to come in with the family?
Thank you West Harpeth for having your security team take them out of the door. It was bad enough that they sat across the street shooting pictures of people coming in and out of the funeral home. Where is the courtesy today after a tragedy happens when doing a news story?

NRA should change its name
The National Rifle Association should change their name to the National “it’s okay for people to shoot other people” Association.

Need some swamp draining at NES
Clearly, from the reporting on the salaries of Nashville’s highest paid employees, we need some swamp draining. We need to get rid of all those ridiculous salaries. They are wanting to raise our rates again! Really?

I don’t care about the Titans this year
Seems Roger Goodell and the NFL have now decided the NFL is more important than the USA. How would these players feel if they paid big bucks to go to a sports event and it turned out to be a Trump rally? Over the past 18 years I have been a season ticket holder and I have invested a lot of money in this team. Now, I feel if I go to a game, I am supporting a cause I don’t agree with or the way it’s being done. If I don’t go, I have just thrown away my money. There should be some way “my voice” can be heard. I should be able to get a return on my tickets. Yeah, that aint gonna happen and I don’t know why. I was upset to see Mariota chime in defending these shenanigans. At the beginning of this year, I was excited about this being a great year for the Titans: now I don’t care.

Cars don’t kill people, they transport you
As usual, some folks will always say “guns don’t kill people, people who use them kill people”! They will then point out that automobiles are more dangerous than guns and make that silly comparison such as; “if we ban guns we will have to ban cars”! How ignorant can you be to compare something that is designed to transport you, with something that is designed to kill you! Wake up and understand the issue better before making such moronic statements!

Transit improvements for a lot less than $5.2 billion
Every time a liberal is voted into office it’s just a matter of time before the spending goes out of control and taxes go up. I’ve seen my property taxes go up about 20 percent this coming year and then I see an article in the local paper saying that Nashville will be tied with Chicago for the highest sales tax in the country if we vote in the mayor’s plan. There’s a city you really want to imitate! When I first saw the figure o a transit plan for 5.2 billion, I first thought it was a typo. There is a project going on down the road on Bellevue Rd that has been going on for months and all of a sudden it just stopped at about 80 percent completion. Can you imagine how well the million dollar tunnel will go if they can’t even do this? Most of the buses I see are empty a lot of the time so it seems to me we can come up with something that works to improve things for a lot less than 5.2 billion.