Home Projects That Add Instant Value

In today’s bustling housing market, buyers don’t have much time to think about their home purchase. Many houses are on the market for a mere 24 hours, pressuring buyers to know exactly what they are looking for before touring a home. Due to this competitive landscape, sellers need to set their home apart from the one that is across the street, less expensive or in a hot Nashville neighborhood. Whether you’re hoping to sell your house in the coming months or looking for a summer DIY project, below are six projects to consider that will add instant value to your home.

Replace doors – Boosting a home’s overall curb appeal is one of the most important factors when selling a home, so homeowners are often encouraged to consider projects that catch a buyer’s eye from the moment they set foot on the property. Consider swapping out a wooden front door for a steel model, as they are relatively inexpensive and offer security and weather resistance. If a high-end look is more important to you, install a freshly-painted, solid-wood door. Replacing your garage door(s) will also improve the exterior of your home, especially if they are visible and in need of an upgrade.

Replace windows – Similarly, paying attention to front-facing windows can pack a punch and increase your ROI. Not only do new windows look sharper, they are insulating and save potential buyers the hassle of upgrading windows upon moving into the home. While wood is the preferred trim finish, it tends to be more costly, so don’t hesitate to pick a material that works with your budget. A window replacement project will add value, regardless of the chosen material.

Create space – Creating an organic sense of flow throughout the house is an easy and inexpensive way to add value to your property. Consider knocking out non-structural walls or removing an island in a small kitchen. Push furniture against walls and add bookcases and storage pieces to hide clutter and personal items. By considering the circulation in each room, both you and potential buyers will enjoy the additional space.

Add insulation – While this may be the least exciting of all the projects listed, adding loose-filled insulation to an attic will reduce year-round heating and cooling costs, not to mention this is often found on a buyer’s non-negotiable list of home amenities.

Maintain landscaping – Unkempt bushes and trees can be a turn-off for potential buyers. Not only does overgrown landscaping kill curb appeal, it screams to buyers that keeping up with the existing vegetation can be an expensive and time-consuming hassle. Trim shrubbery, mow the lawn and plant seasonal blooms this summer to make your home more attractive.

Repair floors – Before putting your home on the market, consider spending money on the floors. While some rooms may require an entirely new floor, depending on the age of the house, most flooring projects won’t break your bank. A few well-placed nails can eliminate an off-putting squeak and repairing a broken tile or two can make your bathroom feel brand-new. Other small tasks with big impacts include: patching damaged floor boards, ridding of wall-to-wall carpeting and removing garage floor oil stains.

Paint walls – One of the least expensive ways to brighten a home is to pick a neutral color palette. Not only does a neutral wall allow furnishings and decorations to stand out and add character, it also ensures your home flows when walking from room to room. Remember: the term “neutral” doesn’t limit you to shades of white and beige. Browns, greens and even pops of bolder colors can highlight your home.

These are only a few of the many home projects that will provide a return on your investment. For more tips and tricks, call one of our entrusted agents at The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty.

Lawrence M. Lipman is the owner and president of The Lipman Group / Sotheby’s International Realty in Nash- ville. Real estate is Larry’s career, but also his passion, and he takes pride in guiding buyers and sellers through exciting home transitions at any budget. Larry welcomes questions and can be reached by calling 615-364-3333.