Home of the free because of the brave

After the shooting of our Congressman and policemen we need to tone down our hate for each other. It is causing some people to commit crimes that hurt innocent people. The way America is acting we are becoming a nation of hate and violence.  Please stop. We protect people who are protecting the law so we need to stop pointing fingers at others. None of us are perfect. We need to tell our elected officials to stop making America look bad. Because people are looking up to them and doing bad things that hurt other people. We want people who are fleeing to America for safety to  know  that this is a safe country to live in. We may not always agree but we have respect with each other. We don’t harm each one that disagrees with the other. We are a civilized country. We want America to be a good safe place to live. If we  start adapting to what other countries are doing. bombing and killing each other, then we too will be a country fleeing for our lives and homeless. Stop madness before we ruin our beautiful country called America. Home of the free because of the brave.

Approval rating higher than I expected
I am so ticked off that Trump’s approval rating is now at 37%! I thought it would be somewhere around 19% at this point in his administration. Oh well, I guess we will have to wait until about September for that to happen now!

Voting on the Sanctuary City
What is wrong with certain individuals who support Nashville being a Sanctuary City? If   you took this to a vote the people would not vote to be a Sanctuary City. We have enough problems to be concerned with. We dont need to be paying for the education, health care, and crime problems caused by the immigrants that travel here. Let the people vote but not you.  You obviously  don’t care about this city and its future.

Begging for cash while trashing intersection
There was a guy begging at the Hwy 70 and Old Hickory intersection. He had a shopping cart laying on its side and some trash scattered around where he waits for the light to turn red so he can beg. I guess he thinks stealing a shopping cart and littering is ok but probably wonders why people don’t give him money. That really ticks me off.

Think before you write
I’ve never written but wanted to say thank you to whomever recognized how ignorant some people are with their “I’m ticked off” rants. I truly hope everyone starts to think before they write.

Don’t join this group
Nashville’s City Council is proposing to call Nashville a Sanctuary City, but it has nothing to do with civil rights.  The President’s proposals were initiated under the Obama administration; that was to begin deporting illegal aliens who have committed felonious acts, like those who are known gang members and dope dealers.  No one wants them as their neighbor.
Assuming “Sanctuary City” means felons are protected in our City, which is the last thing Nashvillians need – to join a group of feckless feel-good fools who see this as a morality or humanity statement.
One member of the Council responded, “It clearly states [in the bottom paragraph] that we will follow State and Federal law, which means that we will assist ICE on deporting criminals. If we don’t do this lawfully, immigrants will suffer the consequences of dealing with a police force not trained on immigration law.”
Bull hockey!  If true, then change the name and explain its purpose.  That is pure sophistry furthering ill will between   political opposites. Everyone     is protected by the laws now      in place, even undocumented immigrants. Our police are not a group of boobs who can’t deal with people of all races.  If that Councilman is truthful, it serves no good to restate the laws now in place.
There are an equal number of firm minded Conservatives and Liberals in our city.  Why would you want to shove a divisive and controversial statement in our face when none is needed? This kind of banner waving visceral protest may be of National Political Interest, but not the business of our non partisan Council.  To make this some “Anti Trump Liberal Statement” is a false narrative and certainly not the business of a City Council.  Let Nashville residents be at peace with each other.

Dragging out the Vandy rape trial
I still can’t believe the Vanderbilt Rape trial continues. Why aren’t all of them in jail? How long will the courts drag this thing out? They all did the crime, so now it’s time to  pay for the crime with time! What a waste of our tax dollars –  to say nothing of the poor victim.

Being a “good ole boy” is no excuse to be bigoted
Like the person you were responding to, I come from a family of “ole country boys.”  My mother worked as a server (she would call herself a waitress), and my father was raised on a small farm in Smith County.  We were taught to respect people, no matter their station in life.  I am sick to my stomach of hearing “good ole boy” or “ole country boy” used as an excuse to be bigoted and ignorant.  Country folk are, for the most part, kind and caring people who value hard work and those who try to improve their lot in life.
I believe that particular “ole country boy” could use some more “book learning” to help him read his Bible (Leviticus 19:18 and 19:34). Your rebuttal was spot on.

Congress, pay the IOU’s
Congress has taken 2.7 trillion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund by using non-repaid IOU’s. Some of the unpaid IOU’s are 30 years old. This is real money! It’s not political, it’s financial!
Some of the leading states owing IOU’s: Iowa, Texas, Florida, California and New York.
2.7 trillion dollars Congress has stolen from senior citizens’s trusts. Check it out.

Go back to Oompa Loompaland
It is time for the Oompa Loompas to go back to Loompa- land. Willy said he is hiring locals again if the locals want to work, but Willy said he won’t require them to work, and it looks like the locals have been doing just fine without working.

An ugly sight
The catfish thrown at the hockey game was deplorable.  It was an ugly sight and most disrespectful to the fish world. It was not funny or represented  by the fans. Who even knew what the fish throw meant? Not called for at all.

Where can the middle class afford to live
I’m calling because I’m ticked off about the cost of housing in the Metro area. I’m a hard working citizen trying to find an affordable home, and I can’t find one anywhere that’s suitable to live in. My price range is $150,000 to $200,000, and I’m just priced out on the housing market.
I want to know where do the middle class live, where can they afford to live?

Not about the individual
I’m really ticked off because our council people who are elected by the people of Nash- ville are sponsoring a bill to make Nashville a sanctuary city.
Criminals and rapist will  flock to our city  because they will be safe here. We elected these council members to make Nashville better.
If they make decisions not concerning our safety or bring it to the polls to be voted on, then we need to think about electing someone who thinks of all the people and not just a group. Nashville is a city of love for all people and not just one individual.

This person is an authority on everything
I wanted to respond from last week’s issue comment referring to the Country Boy ordering a double cheese and mayonnaise only.
This person says an ole country boy needs to know this, he needs to know that. Well there is a whole lot of people in the state of Tennessee who are country boys and when they order something in a restaurant somebody should be able to understand what they are saying when placing an order. This person who did the follow up is a shooting authority on everything that concerns anything.
You know,  I really feel sorry for people like that and they need to really understand what an ole county boy is. So have a good day.

Following footsteps of Governor Jerry Brown
Is Nashville’s mayor following in the footsteps of Moon- beam Governor Jerry Brown? Goodbye beautiful Nashville.   So much for tourism!

Local news without the local
Have you noticed that there is not enough local news to report on our local news channels? In between personal injury and gutter replacement ads, there is news about everything happening out of state and in Washington D.C., but other than wreck on I-24 in Antioch, we seem to not have anything else happening in the Nashville area. After 30 minutes of nothing, we get the national news and we repeat what we just heard. Then after that another 30 minutes of nothing. At least print media can find something of local interest to report. When they called TV the vast wasteland, they must have been reporting our local news stations. Oh, lest we forget, the courthouse had a scabies outbreak. Now that is news!

Don’t marginalize our fellow natives
This is in response to “Don’t denigrate others”… How virtuous of you to come to the defense of an immigrant while you proceed to denigrate, in the most condescending language, a good “ole country boy” who is of the very stock and fiber of the people who built this country into the greatest nation on the earth that attracts so many immigrants. This narrative that promotes the immigrant as all-virtuous while  marginalizing the value of our fellow natives.