Home of the Brave…

From my point of view, I can’t quite understand why so many are upset by the presence of Confederate statues in their towns and cities.  When ever I notice one, I have no feeling of hatred toward anyone, although I can’t deny that some do.  I am simply reminded of the dedication, sacrifice, and courage these people had in fighting     for the cause in which they believed.  This, even though the cause was not justified and their thinking and reasoning was flawed. The war they waged was, in hind sight, a losing cause from the start.  Still they bravely fought on till the bitter end.  Those who view such statues as symbols of hate and want then removed, are harboring thoughts of hatred themselves. These statues are just a symbol of our history.  You can’t obliterate history.  You also cannot obliterate hatred in anyone by moving or removing the statues. You accomplish nothing.  Those who view these statues  as symbols of hate will go right on hating even if they are removed.  The statues represent brave Americans. They are being honored for that and not for any hatred.  Get the hatred off your own heart and let the statues be.
I wish we could put the matter on the ballad for a vote so we could see just how many of us want them to stay and how many want them removed.  That would put “majority rules” back in place where it belongs and reverse this present trend of kissing fannies of all the minorities. “Minority rule” is not what America is about.  Hey, there are lots of things that offend me, but I take them with  a large grain of salt and go on living.  I don’t pester our over burdened government about it or go to the street in protest.  Get real will you?  Learn to be overly grateful for what you have been given and stop complaining about what you don’t have.  Can’t you see that you’ll never run out of “what you don’t have?” Don’t misunderstand me.  I totally support  the peoples right to  peacefully protest in the streets.  It’s just not my way of doing things. I express my opinions to my congressman, although they do nothing. We need to protest them and there lack of accomplishment. Term limits are so badly needed there.
Live in gratitude. Live and let live.  Let the innocent symbols of our history be.  After all we do still sing about the “home of the brave.”

Pickup my garbage
I’m ticked off because I live in the heart of Green Hills on Abbott Martin and I can not get my garbage picked up on a regular basis. For the third time in seven weeks they have missed picking it up.
Metro Public Works contracts the work out. I’ve spoken to both of parties and was told my  garbage would be picked up by friday. I still have garbage on the curb and some mean neighbors unhappy about it.
Can I get some help from someone who will please just pickup my garbage. I have curb side service and I pay my taxes.
Just a little ticked off guys, thanks for listening.

What happened to the Arts station
The Arts Network? What has happened to the Arts Network on Comcast’s Channel 9? The Arts Network provided at no cost stellar performances in opera, symphony, dance and film. The Arts Network truly celebrated the finest in the performing arts. Presently, the Arts Network provides the viewer with salacious videos of semi-clothed gals gyrating and guys dancing grabbing their crotches. Real art?

Not treating the President right
I think it’s a shame the way the people are treating our President. There is the Governor, the Mayor, and all they have on their minds are votes for themselves. They are not interested in the people or what our country is in for.
I think it is so wrong. We need to vote them out, that’s for sure.

Subscription increase
The daily newspaper recently notified me by mail that my monthly subscription rate would increase from $36 to $52 effective September 1. Appalled at the size of the increase, I checked with subscribers in various zip codes to learn not only that they had not been notified of an increase, but their current rates varied from $29 to $37 monthly. When I called to cancel, no one could explain why the rate varies by zip code or why the rate was increasing in Green Hills but not elsewhere. Ticked and unsubscribed.

Dumbest driver
I think I just witnessed the dumbest driver in Nashville and that is saying a lot.
It was a blue Audi SUV and he had his poodle poking up through the sunroof. Now tell me what is  safe with him even being on the road? Thank you.

Bicyclists getting a free ride
Yes, as to the person who was critical of the idea that bicyclist should pay for a license I say this- the argument that pedestrians should pay for the sidewalks if bicyclists have to pay for a license has no validity and is not a legitimate comparison. The driver of an automobile must be licensed and insured to operate on the road but  the pedestrian on the sidewalk does not have to be licensed to walk on the streets. The streets        and sidewalks have different dynamics and rules. Also, the bicycle rider is sharing the road and operating his device with automobile drivers who must be licensed and insured and who should be familiar with the rules of the road. But the bicyclist on the road pays for no license and normally operates by their own rules and needs no insurance even though he or she could create accidents and be a liability. Hence the bicyclists are getting a free ride and are without responsibility nor liability and  it is simply not fair.
Also, the pedestrians do not normally walk on the streets or in the lanes of traffic for long periods of time,  nor cut in front of cars during the flow of traffic. Also in my experience I’ve never seen a sign on the sidewalk telling the pedestrians to share the sidewalk with the automobiles. If I ever see that then perhaps pedestrians will need to be licensed or forced to get insurance and perhaps automobile drivers would need to get additional insurance.

Great place to go for cataracts
The staff at Summit Eye Association on Old Hickory Blvd  were very professional, good people and had a good attitude. I’m 76 years old and I had cataracts removed on my eyes.     I did all my dealings with them and they were absolutely wonderful. If there’s anyone who needs cataracts taken off their eyes, then they need to go to Summit Eye Association because they will do an A+ job and on top of that they have the best attitude.

Need a junior stop sign patrol
Do people understand that “STOP” means stop. I can’t believe the number of people in Nashville who just go right through stop signs. Honestly, if they had some kind of junior stop sign patrol writing tickets, we could make all kinds of money for the city because about 50 percent of the people do not stop. I’m surprised there are not more accidents. The 50 percent who stop realizes the other 50 percent does not stop and so we’re watching to make sure we do not get hit.
Do the 50 percent who do not stop think they are more special than the rest of us?

Barking dogs
At least in the Radnor Lake area, the old adage remains true; the only people who do not hear barking dogs are the dog’s owners.

Defending the Constitution when convenient
In 1905, my grandparents  fled the horrific, anti-Semitic pogroms in Eastern Europe, and emigrated to America. They expected Liberal-Democrats to fight for their freedom of speech, the press and religion. Instead, Conservative-Republican’s are now fulfilling that role. There are so many examples. Liberals thought it was a “crime” to invite a conservative to speak at Berkeley. They rioted, closed down the campus and physically attacked anyone who defended the speaker’s right to be heard. Conservatives are now defending everyone’s freedom of speech.
Liberals are demanding government censorship of the social media, using their own definition of what should appear on line. Conservatives are now fighting for freedom of the press. What a role reversal.
Several weeks ago, I wrote an article defending my constitutional right to own a gun. I received a threatening email from a liberal, gun-control proponent. Liberals ignore the constitution when they disagree  with it rather than elect representatives who would change it.
In 2010, when I wrote and critically spoke out against Obamacare, I received threatening phone calls from left-wing proponents of socialized medicine. Obviously, in my case, liberals only think freedom of speech applies to them.
Maria Nadal, (D) Missouri State Senator called for the assassination of President Trump. Liberals remained silent. Can you imagine what they would have said if a sitting Republican senator threatened President Obama?
In Boston, 100 peaceful, “free-speech” marchers were attacked  by thousands of liberals, who were against their free speech.
In a small Pennsylvania town, their City Council removed a VFW donated park bench because of “God” being mentioned in its inscription. “Men who aren’t governed by God will be governed by Tyrants”. Conservatives are appealing the ruling.
It seems to me that many liberal-Democrats only defend the constitution when it is convenient for them to do so. Their silence is deafening when those opposing them are having their rights being taken away.