Heimerdinger Foundation has urgent need for volunteers

The Heimerdinger Foundation, which provides healthy, organic meals to patients fighting cancer, has an urgent need for volunteers to serve as Delivery Angels and Client Liaisons.

“We are in need of Delivery Angel volunteers for delivering the healthy meals to our clients on Wednesdays between 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” said Volunteer Coordinator Bijal Mehta.

“We also need Client Liaison volunteers to conduct one home visit and then make weekly phone calls to check on the client’s well being,” Mehta said.

“These volunteers visit those we assist at home, to help them understand how this food can make a difference in their healing, and  stay in weekly communication to answer questions and make sure the food is working for them.”

The foundation prepares the meals and distributes them from Calvary United Methodist Church in Green Hills.
The Heimerdinger Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness in the community about healthy lifestyles and nourishing meal preparation.

Officials of the nonprofit strive to be a resource for those undergoing cancer treatments by providing guidance, support, and delicious organic meals, which are free for three months. Meals can be provided for additional time, if needed, on a sliding scale.

“Our Meals 4 Health and Healing program is for people living in Davidson and Williamson Counties who are currently in active cancer treatment,” said Mehta.

“The diagnosis of a serious illness like cancer often serves as a catalyst to change lifestyle habits that may have been detrimental to overall health, and diet is at the top of the list.,” said Kathie Heimerdinger, president and founder of the charity.

“Consuming nourishing meals can make a vital difference to cancer patients, as research shows nearly 80% of them end up malnourished as a result of treatment,” Heimerdinger said. “Being poorly nourished worsens side effects, reduces the effectiveness of treatment, and lengthens recovery time once treatment ends.”
For more information, call 615-730-5632, email volunteer@hfmeals.org or visit www.heimerdingerfoundation.com.