Guns, guns, guns… enough!

Guns, guns, guns! I’m ticked off about how much people on both sides of the issue are obsessed about them. On one side you’re yelling about the Second Amendment, self-defense, and liberal elites; on the other you’re shouting about out-of-control violence and backwards rednecks. Ranting until you’re blue in the face. Enough!
This is a life-and-death issue to both sides. And yes, there are a few hundred homicides    a year in Tennessee, and perhaps a similar number of instances where someone with a gun prevents a crime. But do you know what’s really killing Tennesseans? Go look up any list of the top causes of death; full of things like heart            disease, lung disease, cancer, accidents, stroke, Alzheimer’s, pneumonia, diabetes, and suicide. Each one kills far more people every year than guns do. Many of these problems come from eating poorly, not exercising, and drug addiction – all things that we have control over.

The numbers don’t lie -Tennessee is one of the fattest, laziest, unhealthiest, and most drug addicted states in the country, and tens of thousands of people die every year because of it. Get your mind, body, and spirit healthy first. Then try to help others who need it. Once we’re doing better as a state, then let’s have spirited debates about guns, sidewalks, and whether our president is the greatest or worst ever.

Thanks McCain
A morning news anchor gave an update on Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La) and expressed thanks for the progress Scalise was making. He then said, “Scalise has the best health care.” America is thankful that Rep. Scalise is recovering after being shot during a congressional baseball practice. It struck me that, yes, Rep. Scalise does have the best health care because he, along with every representative and senator, has health care far above that of his or her constituents. Another irony is that nothing is being accomplished

about health care in Washing-ton because a power struggle is more important than the health of Americans. When it was time to vote on Obamacare Senator John McCain returned to vote after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Joe Biden, whose son died from the same cancer McCain has, and Joe Lieberman called McCain      asking that he vote against      the repeal. After being given       a “hero’s welcome” he did        the ultimate grandstanding with his thumbs down vote! Apparently he was more interested in “Look at me” than anything else. Begs the questions: has the cancer affected this thinking. He, too, has “the best health care,” along with his wife’s money, and the backing of billionaire financier George Soros, who has been described as “the single most destructive leftist demagogue to the country.” Soros is a major Obama supporter and McCain’s voting record shows that he is against anything President Trump tries to accomplish. McCain needs to go home to Arizona, deal with his cancer, retire or move to the other side of the political aisle.

Roadway in need of cleanup
I recently read an article in Hermitage News about the trash along Hermitage / Old Hickory roadways. I’m also tired of it! I filed a complaint with TDOT about the stretch of Old Hickory Blvd between I-40 and Lebanon Road. I was told they would have a crew out in a few days. I’m still  staring at the same trash that I was staring at three months ago.  We look like Mexico City!

See what happens when we work together
I am ticked off at the writer who complained about having to share the road with bicyclists. I share his safety concerns and would add that barriers should be created to separate the bike lanes from automobile traffic.  This is at least as attainable as the little-mourned amp. I am, however, puzzled and offended by his closing statement accusing “liberal elites” of creating these problems.  “Elitist” means different things to different folks, but I do consider myself a proud liberal and a lousy biker.  I agree with his idea of a bicycle tax because bikers use the roads, much like owners of electric vehicles, whose road  tax is collected differently from those who pay at the gas pump. The conservative writer’s tax plan could help pay for this liberal’s road barrier, creating smoother traffic, increasing safety, and encouraging  fearful bike riders like me.  See what we can accomplish when we work together instead of calling each other names??!!

Stay safe Doc keeping your cell phone nearby
On at least three occasions that come to mind T.O. has published a letter from a gentleman who identified himself as a 70 year-old dentist.
The gist of these letters are that he is a proud Second Amendment loving, gun owner who believes strongly in self-defense, and  is now self-reliant  in  providing security for his home.
I don’t know if he’s just sending a version of the same letter or if it’s an editing issue on the part of this  paper.
Well, basically I fit into the same category,  except I’m not a dentist.  Dentist and guns both have a propensity for drilling holes, so  I assume that’s why he likes to identify himself by his occupation.
I’m a little surprised that the folks at the NRA training sessions didn’t give him the following information.
1. The vast majority of intrusions into homes occur while the homeowner is away. Which means there’s a fair chance you’re rifle will be stolen while you are gone.
2. I’d be a little careful about giving too much information about yourself out to the public. Folks who might want to steal your rifle would love to know about you.(I’m talking about the bad guys not the government.) I’m sure all those friends you’ve talked to have other friends and so on and so on.
3. I hope you and your wife are practicing at least once a month at an approved gun range.  You may not have fired your gun in anger yet, but I can assure you that if the time ever comes things will happen quick and in a blur.  If the real thing happens, and God knows I hope you never have to deal with that, even trained policeman and combat soldiers often miss the mark.
4. Please, don’t  shoot at anyone unless you really feel your life is in danger. Taking pot shots at some teenager in your garage or some vandal on your lawn can cost you a world of grief.
5. I don’t know what kind of rifle you have tucked away under your bed or in the closet, but if you are serious, really serious,  you might want to think about a legal short barrel pump action shotgun.  That distinct “click click” when you chamber a round should scare the bejeebers out of most would-be home invaders. If not a wide chock should solve your problems.  After you fire it inside your house it will take a while for you to be able to hear again, but you can spend that time thinking about what you’ve just done, if there was an alternative and how you will deal with it for the rest of your life.
Stay safe Doc and keep your cell phone nearby. There are professionals who can get to you quickly and know how to handle these situations.

Drain the swamp
Drain the swamp? How about bringing the swamp to a neighborhood near you? Our Federal government is about to do it again, and it ticks me off big time. This time they want to declare a Federal State of Emergency because of opioids. That is correct. The lawmakers want to make the American countryside a disaster area since there is the scourge of illegal drug use going on. Pssst, there are a lot of illegal things going on out in America. And what we normally due is allow the local authorities deal with the crime, seek it out, apprehend the criminals and give them a prison vacation. By the way, our President helpfully suggests that our local law enforcement not worry about being a little rough with the criminals.
Now why do we not just let the local people (and police) that know better about what their communities make these decisions regarding the current rampant drug crime? It is simple. Federal State of Emergency status allows the Fed’s to send more taxpayer money to those affected areas. Plus Washington can put Federal boots on the ground. Yes, the Federal government is on the way and they are going to help. Really?
It is pretty clear to most of America we have a drug crime issue in our country but to bring the Feds into our countryside is too much. Our hills are sanctuaries of local good will even with the drug epidemic decimating the next generation of country folk. Say no to more big Federal government. Just put the drug offenders in prison, like the old days.