Government needs to get control of high prescription costs

I would like comment on people whose only income is their Social Security.
Each time my wife and I have a doctor’s visit and get the prescriptions filled — even with insurance — costs $400 – $500 per visit.
For those people with no other income except what they receive from paying in to Social Security during their working years, medication can eat up one check. I pay almost $500 for my 10 prescriptions. I think the government should do something to hold down these high costs for those of us on a very fixed income. Then a trip to the grocery store adds up to approximately $200. Everything keeps going up except Social Security. The government has no trouble giving assistance to illegals and those who don’t work but get checks every month.

Dangerous here for dog walkers
I am retired and must walk for my health and my dogs love to go with me and they add value to the exercise. We must walk in the busy street and the drivers aren’t very considerate. My street runs east and west with the sun so that adds danger and we’ve had some close calls. Less cars would help the problem.

ObamaCare would die on its own
It really gets me to see all the Democrats talking about people dying in the streets if Obamacare is even modified. If it’s just left alone it will die on it’s own as more and more providers are pulling out but I don’t think most people are aware that a large part of this is simply an expansion of medicaid. Medicaid was originally intended for poor women and the elderly. Under Obama it expanded by 29 % to the point that 74.5 million people are on it. That is basically one in four citizens. Repeat… one in four! Any reasonable person has to question this as ridiculous especially given we in the U.S. spend about twice what other developed countries do on healthcare. The idea that more government is going to fix this is absurd. Obama care was crammed down our throats completely by the Democrats but at least now as Pelosi said “we can see what’s in it without reading it.”

Fish, like other creatures, deserve respect
I totally agree with the person who wrote in regarding the horrible, not to mention moronic, “celebration” at Preds games. While fish are not mammals like humans are, they deserve our respect just the same as birds, insects, reptiles and all other forms of life who share this planet with us. We are all God’s creatures and just because we humans have a spoken language and opposable thumbs doesn’t make us superior. To use a dead carcass of any kind to “celebrate” a sport or “intimidate” the other team is brutal as well as stupid.

Democrats in the “new” South
At the age of 40, (I’m now 75) I became my Liberal family’s outcast, when I did the unthinkable and became a Republican. Even though my family and friends were convinced that I had lost my mind, sometimes I wonder if either Party knows exactly what they are doing. Why have the Democrats lost the Senate, the House, 31 Governorships, 1100 state Legislature seats and now Georgia and S.Carolina? The truth is that the Republicans were only partially responsible. Democrats made it impossible for many of us to vote for them.
1- We don’t need those “know- it-all” liberal Hollywood types, pumping millions of dollars into our local elections and telling us who to vote for.
2- How dare the Democrats excuse rioters and looters. I sympathize with the local store owners, who watched helplessly as their stores were torched.
3- Democrats condemned “The Little Sisters of the Poor” for opposing abortion and birth control. What happened to their 1st Amendment rights?
4- Democrats think it’s ok to run up huge deficits to fund massive government welfare programs. I want benefits reserved for deserving US citizens only, with programs that actually return workers to the workforce.
5- I support women’s rights. I also strongly defend the rights of the unborn.
6- Democrats consider pot a harmless recreational pastime. I don’t favor the legalization of any drug.
7- I don’t think Kathy Griffin, who disgustingly held up a bloody head of President Trump, is in anyway funny.
8- Democrats endorse Planned Parenthood, Occupy Wall Street and the ACLU. I prefer the American Legion, The Federalist Society and the NRA.
9- NYC’s Shakespeare-in-the-Park production of Romeo and Juliet, included an assassination of a President Trump look-a-like. I find this totally repulsive and I object to using my taxpayer dollars, through The National Endowment for the Arts, to fund such garbage. And finally,
10- The idea of choosing your own bathroom, doesn’t sit right for me (pun intended).
The list is endless. After last week’s elections, the Democrats better pay attention to the “new South”, which now extends from Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania south to the Gulf and east to Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas. The current Democratic Party is totally out of touch with most of us. The sad part is that they don’t even know it.

Nashville has a dog walker problem
Nashville doesn’t have a traffic problem. I take shortcuts to and from work each day and every morning and afternoon I must avoid hitting people walking dogs in the street. Looks like Nashville has a dog problem. The sun is in my eyes going to and coming from work and it is just dangerous. I don’t have any idea what would change the situation. I have spilled latte in my new car and now it is starting to smell bad. Nashville is a big town and shouldn’t have dog walkers in the streets. I am sorry you don’t have any other place to walk your dog but please take you and your dog out of the street.

Nashville has historically been a sanctuary city
I get really ticked when folks around here start talking about the ‘Sanctuary City’. It is high pitched right now but why? Cities like Nashville have historically been Sanctuary Cities. Doesn’t anyone remember?
In the early to middle 1800’s when Nashville was over thirty percent of our Nashville population were slaves it was a Sanctuary City for a select group of people. The slave owners, their families and their cultural peers all enjoyed the city as their safe haven of sanctuary. Later on there was the costume group out of Dayton Tennessee that looked for special status for certain people, again to keep their group safe and prosperous. They found in many cities, did they not? It is not fair to them to make fun as these were serious people insisting on ensuring the well-being of their people.
Now move into the last century. Nashville stayed a Sanctuary City through law enforcement and legal maneuvers. Shoot, remember the Federal government joined in during the 40’s and 50’s with housing restrictions to keep the purity of cities in our great country. And later law enforcement made sure that the great amenities and resources of our great cities were used only by those who deserved such privileges. The rest of the folks were shown the door or to the dogs.
So let’s not fret and let us be mindful that Sanctuary Cities are not new. We have always enjoyed the greatness of sanctuary, well at least some have.

Allow people to vote
Well congratulations hopefully the people have spoken that we do not want Nashville to be a Sanctuary City because it was taken off the vote. They should allow the people to vote for this in a single ballot because this would affect every single one of us living and breathing in the Nashville and surrounding areas. We don’t need federal funds we don’t need to pay for their insurance or welfare or to be on the lookout because of crime rates. Nashville does not need to be in a Sanctuary City. We’ve come a long way to get to this point and we don’t need sanctuaries here.

Leaders show class
Is it too much to ask the leader of the free world to show some class? Forget your political leanings. So I ask all, from those who support a right to choose to those who are upset that the death penalty is such a rare occurrence. Pick a political issue and go to the margins. You got to believe everyone fits in between those two views. Class is not about ideology.
So while many would say our previous president had all sorts of shortcomings or that the president before him was a bit goofy no one could say that either of the last two presidents lacked common decency when it came to personal treatment of their fellow citizen. So as you digest that, you can stop with the comeback response that ‘someone made him say it or do it’. Nonsense.
Our current president may have a lot of good qualities (everyone has good qualities). But the quality that defines the great ones in sports, industry, military, and academia, or in President is one simple word, class. How can you tell? Ask yourself if his words and behavior are those ones you teach your children. Please tell me the people of Tennessee answer that question with a resounding no way.

Enriching themselves
Dear “Don’t Denigrate Others”: Hey, have a little tolerance and respect for the “good ole boys”. It’s not just the customs and traditions of people from foreign lands that constitute a “culture”. I know the “good ole boy” culture is unfashionable, in fact the only culture we’re allowed to make fun of; but “good ole boys” are a huge part of what made this area of the country what it is. Take a look around you! It is a culture that is rapidly disappearing.
I’m curious to know; when people from our country move or travel to a different country, do they expect that all the nations laws and customs will be stretched, even broken, to cater to them? Would the natives of that other land line up to throw each other under the bus for pointing out obvious differences and problems created by a huge influx of foreigners like we do here?
And also, dear “Don’t Denigrate Others”, think long and hard about what those new arrivals really think about you. You, who are so willing to disparage your fellow countrymen for wanting to maintain some semblance of the country they grew up in. And, finally, let’s stop kidding ourselves. People come here from foreign countries because they want to enrich themselves – not because of some deep respect for our cultural values.