Get hockey fans to build roads before the booze runs out

Why has hockey taken over Middle Tennessee? The answer, in my opinion, is in the type of person who enjoys fighting and mouth-smashing while the so-called officials stand by and let them brawl. What message does this send to our youth? Oh, I almost forgot, it is also popular with tavern owners who sell enough booze on hockey nights to fill  the Cumberland River, or to build several schools or pave miles of broken streets. If it’s so good for Nashville then let’s get to paving and building before the booze runs out!

Sounds nice but naive without merit
This is in response to an article titled “I support guns, but not you and me armed in a public place.” That rationale was to “leave public safety to those who are best trained for it, our policed officers.”

Think about it! That concept sounds “nice” but is naive and without merit. The last London attack had a police response of 8 minutes – actually pretty good under the circumstances. But even if the response had been 5 minutes or even 3 minutes, still the same 7 dead and 48 injured (some critical) would have happened. The only immediate response, with an opportunity to save lives and minimize injuries, is an armed public. Not one, not two, but many armed citizens will deter or eliminate even multiple attackers.

Understand that there are both violent religious ideologies and mentally unstable people within our open society. There are conclaves and compounds close to Nashville that preach and prepare violence. And there is a multitude of “soft” public targets. Our own Homeland Security officials tell us that our next attack is not an “if, but when.” So, when you are anywhere in public and an attack occurs I suspect you want me there with my concealed weapon in those precious seconds that can separate your life from your death. And how much better if there were two, three or ten of us armed for your safety. Think about it.

An armed public leaves us with the question of “trained” and armed. Tennessee’s certified concealed carry class is important, but only insures basic safety and tactical knowledge. I have pursued additional levels of tactical training and practice regularly at the pistol range. As every good hunter or shooter knows, safety habits and target success requires practice.

The article spoke of having a rifle at home for defense. That is okay, but so much better is a shotgun with a large size pellet load, or a pistol in a trained and practiced hand. Think about it!

This leaves an open question about bombs and truck-rammings. While an armed public might take out an exposed bomber, a hidden bomb or an approaching truck is not detectable. These stealth attacks can only be addressed through expert and superior intelligence. An open society, yes. A robust intelligence and immigration system, absolutely! Analogy: the 2000-2005 PLO Intifada against Israel’s public places. It took Israel almost 5 years to eliminate the rash of public attacks. They did it by building superior intelligence and eventually eliminating almost every attack (attacker) prior to execution. Let us support the very best law enforcement, including intelligence, to provide preventative strategies and tactics for preventive threat elimination. Think about it!

I choose Happy Days over nightly news
A friend asked if I had seen all of the news about Trump’s staff leaving and all the news about the Russian connection to Trump’s son-in-law. I said “no, I have not watched television news since the presidential election. Instead,” I went on, “I have been watching re-runs of Happy Days, Bonanza, and I Love Lucy. I think these shows are much more interesting than any news about our current president. What’s on tonight?”

Don’t use your identity in a political manner
I take exception with the title that was given to my recent letter: “Cultural Pride to Some, but Hateful Identity Supremacy to Others”. The word “hate” is now used far too often in reference to speech and/or identity, and is usually a complete misnomer. There is nothing inherently “hateful” about embracing your identity. (Unless, it seems, you are embracing your identity as a so-called “White” person; then is seems the term “hate” is insidiously, if not instantly, used.) What does seem “hateful” to me is when you use your “identity” in a political manner to the extent that you are demanding the complete accommodation of this country, including the subversion of its laws, the revision of its history, and even the destruction of its historical monuments. For better or worse, everything that comprised the past of the United States of America made it into the country it is today. Arguably, we have the most freedom and highest standard of living of any past or present nation on this planet. And so, yes; if you hate this country, please go find someplace else to live.

Please stay away from us well bred clean citizens
This is in reference to the man who recently wrote stating his wife told him that most women do not wash their hands after using a public bathroom.  Is he saying that men are exempt from this? I do not know what culture that this man and his wife have and with who they associate but most civilized people, both men and women, are brought up to wash their hands after using the bathroom (and do), especially when using a public bathroom.  This man and his wife need to stay within their own boorish culture and their sphere of filthy associates and stay away from well bred, clean citizens to keep germs from spreading within a clean and civilized society.

All in the fair and balanced name of our shared heritage
The recent uproar caused by the idea of removing some Confederate monuments commemorating many of our country’s great slave owners has really made the news. And the coverage, for and against, has ticked me off. It seems like just nonsense. The Southern leaders were big supporters of slavery. In 1860 about 30 percent of Nashville human beings were slaves. And whether you attempt to dampen the reality of slavery, (one man owning another human being) or hyper-focus on slavery as the reason the monument is in place, you miss the point. I read one article where the writer tried to say freed blacks were part of the slave trade. Huh? Come on! On the other side folks want to take down the statues of every slave owner. Well, that is probably every white male with two nickels to rub together in the 50 years prior to 1860. Let’s stop the bickering about the reasons for the Civil War.

And here is a suggestion. If we are going to celebrate, for example, Andrew Jackson as a great man that is just fine with me. But with that monument up and part of the great Nashville tourist tour why not put a memorial at the corners of Nashville’s favorite slave selling/trading auction blocks. Maybe add memorials at the farms where the slave owners did the breeding of slaves, too. I believe it would balance the intentions of both pro and con for the celebration of Confeder- ate life in the early to middle 1800’s, would you not agree? Yours truly, All in the fair and balanced name of our shared heritage.

Your sneakers are still new, son
My great-grandson told me that shoes are wore out when the light’s don’t flash anymore.
When your head is in the sand what is sticking up.

Another weekend and another Islamist terror attack in the U.K. The Brits have had an open door policy for years to the point London has mosques and no-go zones all over the city and now even Theresa May says enough is enough. Too bad she didn’t do it earlier when she was in charge of their homeland security. Meanwhile we in the U.S. have judges trying to stop a common sense policy to limit people from areas where they want to kill us and we see useless idiots standing around in airports with welcome signs. The signs should read- ‘Wel- come and come kill us”. Hopefully the Supreme Court goes by the law and not political correctness in the coming weeks. I don’t know what it will  take to wake us up. People should ask themselves this: when your head is in the sand what is sticking up?

Put Confederate monuments in museums
Simple solution:  Put these confederate glorification monuments in museums where people can go to see what we were once like, not where all taxpayers are obliged to see them, in public places, maintained with public money.  Thank you.

If you don’t have a better idea then don’t speak
For the Obama haters out there, take a look around for yourself instead of watching Fox News 24/7. Every speech made by Republicans starts out with, “the failed policies of Obama.”  Obama took over the GW Bush debacle, or does no one else remember closed down strip malls, entire malls disappearing, car dealerships gone and multiple friends losing jobs? By the time Obama left all of that was reversed. Obama got healthcare on the table for someone to tweak    and work with. But the Republicans packed their bags and went home for 7 years. “Repeal and Replace” for 7 years and when the time came to do something they had no plan. If you don’t have a better idea, don’t speak.

I am seriously concerned for this country filled with far right and far left ideals and no one willing to be a moderate and meet in the middle.

As for Nashville? We are   way behind in public transit and the answer is not busses. We need a high speed rain running to Murfreesboro and Hendersonville as well with a frequent monorail headed downtown to move people to where they are going.

Where’s some additional parking downtown
I’m ticked off that there are not enough parking places downtown when there is an event going on. Recently I drove by several parking garages that were already full and it 20      minutes driving around to findsome place to park!