George Washington print and book donated to Holy Rosary Academy

George Washington : DAR 5-18-17The Rachel Stockley Donelson (RSD) Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) donated a large framed print of George Washington to Holy Rosary Academy.
Jane Dugger, Regent, presented the 24 x 36 copy of the historic painting on May 9, 2017 during a brief program on Washington that was given to an eighth grade Social Studies class taught by Mr. Jim Walsh.  At the same time, she bestowed a book about George Washington, Rush Revere and the Presidency by Rush Limbaugh, to the school library.

Mrs. Dugger told the students, who had recently returned from a trip to Mt. Vernon, that Washington is called “The Indispensable Man” because without him there probably would not be a United States.  First, as Commander of the Continental Army, he led the American Patriots through eight years of war to win independence from Great Britain.  Secondly, without his participation and his leadership as President of the Constitutional Convention, the US Constitution might not have been created.  Thirdly, Washington wisely guided our country through its first eight years of existence.

Lastly, Mrs. Dugger stated that George Washington gained world-wide fame for voluntarily relinquishing power when he retired to live peacefully at Mt. Vernon after serving two four-year terms as president.  She asked the students to silently tell George “thank you” for Freedom and Liberty whenever they pass his portrait.

The prints were produced through the generosity of Bitsy Riegle Gulbenk, of the Rachel Stockley Donelson DAR Chapter, and her late husband Roupen Gulbenk.