Former Miss Nashville develops innovative boot design for women

Brenda Batey

Contributor to The News

boot 8-6-15Llynda More, a native Nashvillian, is a singer/songwriter, which is not rare in this city.

But she also has become a fashion designer and developer of an ingenious product, Llynda More Boots™, that comes in two separate parts with an ankle boot and matching BootTop™.

Her father is legendary Musician’s Hall of Fame member Bob Moore. He was a key member of the Nashville-A-Team, a group of some of the best studio musicians who played on sessions together, starting in the mid 1950s. In 1994 Life Magazine named him the #1 Country Bassist of all time.

As a result, Llynda More grew up around Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Marty Robbins, and numerous other great artists her dad played bass with in the studio or on stage. She followed in her father’s footsteps into the recording studio and is currently performing at the world-renowned resort Mandalay Bay, in Las Vegas.

More’s talent helped her become Miss Nashville in 1977. She went on to reign as Miss Tennessee and she was a finalist in the Miss America Pageant.

She said the downturn in the economy in 2008 was an opportunity for her to take some time to develop an economical solution for her need of multiple footwear styles when performing on stage. She has now patented a look for women who want a solution to owning many boot styles, while only having to invest in one basic boot.

The two parts of More’s creation look and feel like one boot because they overlap and are held together by opposing magnets. Because the BootTop is flexible and reversible and stays in place with the magnetic attachment system, there is no need for obstructive fasteners such as zippers, velcro, etc.

“This frees the BootTop to be manipulated, shaped and transformed into 30 different styles,” More said. “It can be worn inside out, upside down, cuffed at the top or bottom, made half size, made any height, scrunched, worn straight, or ruffled.

A vegetarian for the majority of her life, More made a commitment years ago to not contribute to the suffering of animals. As a result, the Llynda More® brand does not use animal skins, furs or any animal products.

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