Everyone’s opinion matters

This is in response to the guy who said the message is quiet clear comment with how he has been called racist, sexiest, all kinds of other stuff. He has the right to say his opinion. Even though I disagree with everything he says, he has the absolute right to say those things. It’s just a different   opinion. You know during Thanksgiving, everybody was worried about what the conversation would be around the table. It doesn’t matter what other people think. It only matters if you think your opinion is more important than someone elses and it’s not. Unless you’re talking about hurting someone or overthrowing the government, you should be able to say what you want. Thank you.

Transit plan doesn’t stand a chance as it is
I don’t see the transit plan ever happening and if it does it’s not going down the major corridors far enough. For example, the plan to make the Charlotte Pike light-rail line go to White Bridge Road is not a good plan because it doesn’t go far enough. Take the light-rail to the Walmart and major shopping center if you really want this plan to help low income people who shop at places like Walmart. Connect the system to economic anchors for goodness sake, not major intersections that are dangerous for pedestrians to get to in the first place. Also, how is this major billion dollar plan going to pass a vote if the city couldn’t even get the Amp to pass?

There is too much money at stake and people on both sides of this, those who want it to fail have their own interests just like the people who want it to pass, are not going to be better off unless the plan includes them in it. Let’s bring more people to the drawing board and plan out something more people can agree with before we get to the voting stage or else the city is wasting valuable resources like time and money on something designed to fail. We have other issues to solve.

Don’t be happy when the President messes up
It really ticks me off when I see and hear people get excited and happy when they perceive our president has screwed up. Why would that make anyone in their right mind happy? You don’t have to like the president and you don’t have to always agree with him but to celebrate his perceived failures is just plain dumb when you think about it.

Outrage against alcohol industry
I noticed a reader blaming the NRA for mass killings. According to MADD, 10,000 die yearly from drunk drivers. I’d say that was mass killing. Where is the outrage against the alcohol industry? Alcohol is nothing more than a poison.

Safely come forward
When our son was studying business at the University of Michigan, he spent one summer as an intern at the Treasury Dept. in Washington. It was a honor to even get that position and an experience he won’t ever forget. Oh, I forgot to tell you something. It was 25 years ago.Would I want any of my granddaughters to work in any elected official’s office today?  In Al Franken’s office? Or Senator Menendez? Or Rep. John Conyers, or Judge Moore? Or any of the other immoral bums that we have elected to represent us.. No way! Have we forgotten Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton?Everyone knows that we’ve just scratched the surface of a perverted culture that has existed for many years, even decades, probably longer… 264 cases of sexual abuse have been recently adjudicated, for a total cost of $17 million dollars, all involving members of Congress.It’s obvious why so many of us call it the swamp! You don’t have to look further than the latest front page of any newspaper.These “icons”, are a total disgrace. It’s our responsibility as parents or grandparents, to educate our kids. That’s the easy part. In today’s society, we also must teach them what to do in the world filled with these sexual predators and perverts.Of course, we must protect the rights of those accused. But at the same time, we must make it easier for the victims to safely come forward to prevent other innocents from being abused.

Thanksgiving dinner conversation
Someone at Thanksgiving dinner, always insists Obama- care is really a great program. Maybe he likes it because he’s not paying for it. He just might not have a “dog in the hunt”.
1- Maybe he is one of the 22.2 million government workers who have taxpayers like us, footing the bill. 2- He may be one of the 70 million Americans on Medicaid or Medicaid expansion, who use our taxpayer dollars to subsidize their healthcare. Or 3- He may be one of the 151 million workers, who have job-provided coverage, with employers picking up most or all of the tab.
Only 10 million people actually pay for their own insurance. But, their premiums rose 20% last year and they’re not happy about it. They watched the cost of Obamacare go from $850 billion to almost $3 trillion dollars. Chances are they are frantically trying to find a new doctor and an affordable policy, as more and more insurance companies are getting out of the healthcare business. They really don’t like the huge co-pays and deductibles or the government telling their doctor that the treatment or tests they need are not covered because they are too expensive or that they themselves are too old. They are being treated by PA’s and nurses, in ER’s or 24-hour emergency centers, rather than by MD’s in private offices. And finally, they are really upset when they found out that their own congressman could opt out of this form of socialized medicine and they couldn’t.
We must provide free healthcare for unfortunate Americans who absolutely need our help. But, in some cases, like your friend, I hope he not only thanks you for your great turkey dinner, but also thanks you for your taxes being used to pay for his “free” insurance.

Tell you exactly what happened
In her new book “What Happened”, Hillary Clinton tries to tell us “what happened”. She claimed that it was definitely not her nefarious history, unsavory ethics, the $2 billion dollar Clinton Foundation, (which she shut down after she lost!) , $400,000 speaking fees, Benghazi, the 33,000 deleted emails, the blue dress, or her liberal agenda. According to Hillary, what did her in, was the Russians, Bernie Sanders, the FBI’s Comey, the DNC, the NRA, Anthony Weiner, Wikileaks,   the Tea Party, Talk Radio, Racism, sexism, Fox, the Electoral College and xenophobia. Did she forget global warming?
Most New Yorker’s (and she was the Senator from New York), only read the NY Times, don’t watch Fox or listen to Rush or Sean, and totally ignore anyone west of the Hudson River or East of Beverly Hills.They don’t have a clue, that most Americans resent being told how to think, act , dress, feel, pray, defend themselves or spend their own well earned money. We don’t like our president bowing before dictators, watching anyone disrespect the flag or telling us what bathroom to use.
It wasn’t a surprise to us that Donald Trump got 307 electoral votes. He won 31 states and Republicans won 34 Governor- ships and 31 State Legislatures. We, here in Tennessee, elected a (R)governor, two (R) Senators,  6 of 8 (R) congressmen and a (R) legislature. Get a life, Hillary. Could it possibly be that you were a terrible, flawed candidate who couldn’t relate to most Americans?
Hillary, before you write another  500 page piece of fiction, try doing a little real research first. Did you really need Donna Brazile giving      you the debate questions in advance, or the DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz helping you get the nomination instead of Bernie? Why don’t you give  any of us Tennessee deplorables a call? We’ll tell you exactly what happened.

Deer and tailgating
I just would like to say it’s not a good idea to tailgate down Pennington Bend, McGavock Pike, or Elm Hill. There is a lot of deer out and these people who are riding peoples tails, you see a deer. Well the deer wins. They can tailgate and be the one mad. People need to be cautious and not to be in a hurry.

Make this simple
Let’s make this simple—
Lower Taxes:  Good
Deficit Spending: Bad
Some Deductions:  Good
Complicated Tax Returns: Bad
Fair Taxes: Good
Loop Holes:  Bad

No more opulent high-rises, please
This weekend I visited a friend who lives on the 16th floor of one of Nashville’s newer high-rise apartment buildings. I was flabbergasted by the opulence of the place including an entire floor that is dedicated to entertainment and lounging, pool and bar included. However, this floor was completely empty. How amazing it is that a high end residential building attracts the kind of people who do not even take advantage of a space that most people in Nashville could only dream to have at their disposal, yet sits empty on a Friday night. Why can’t they let this space be available to people who don’t live in the building.

Secondly, my friend who invited me said only half of the building was occupied and the rent had recently been lowered in order to try and fill vacancies. So, am I understanding this correctly? Half of a new building that costs over a thousand dollars a month to live in is half empty while the Nashville planning department continues to approve the construction of building after building for residential use at a similar high price? What is wrong with them. I can picture these buildings sitting empty for years the next time an economic downturn happens, which is inevitable. Come one planning department! Do something good for the people of Nashville and stop approving these fancy places for the bourgeois and make an effort to get the ball rolling on places that we Nashvillians can enjoy and afford. I make an okay living but I’d never be able to afford rent on one of these places.