Elementary School Students Perform a Song of Peace and Unity


While the recent presidential election separated some people, it brought others together. Following the decision to elect Donald Trump, students from Linden Waldorf School on Hillsboro Road performed a song of Peace and Unity as an offering for the service of the country‚Äôs veterans and to generate peace and a coming together of the school community after the week’s divisive current events. The children also performed a World Peace chant with words derived from different religions around the world. The songs were planned prior to the election in order to be given on November 11th.

Ms. Sherri Scott’s fifth graders also gave a traditional Indian folk dance at the school-wide assembly prior to the election. Choreographed by trained Indian dance instructor Sheila Rubin, the children wore traditional Indian folk dance outfits.

Learning the chant from world-wide religions and the intricate and complex dance supports the 100-year-old Waldorf curriculum, which promotes the understanding of global cultures, traditions, histories, and languages. One of over 1,000 Waldorf schools world-wide, Linden Waldorf School is the only Waldorf school in Tennessee.