Don’t take my last penny…

I just got a notice in the mail saying I am going to get a 2 percent increase in my Social Security. However, the notice also said that my contribution for Medicare is going up and that my check would be about $34 less starting in January. Nowhere else can you get a raise and wind up with less money. I guess Trump won’t have to worry about Social Security, but most Americans who have worked their whole lives depend on it! It makes me sick, but I better stay away from the doctor’s office or else thay will take my last penny to give me my medicine.

Happy after failures
It really ticks me off when I see or hear people get excited, even happy when they perceive our President has screwed up. Why would that make anyone in their right mind happy? You don’t have to like the President and you don’t have to always agree with him but to celebrate his perceived failures is just plain dumb.

Don’t be a chump
Nonsense alert! Nonsense alert! Did you hear the one about the corporate CEO that decided to give the company’s employees the upcoming tax cut windfall instead of passing it to the company investors? It is a real knee slapper.
Hey folks, that ain’t going to happen no matter how many times Trump and his people tell you that the tax cut is for the working middle class. Understand this; the CEOs work for a Board of Directors  who, in turn work for the corporate investors. Ask yourself; after the last 9 years of corporate growth, a booming economy and stock market, and unemployment at ridiculously low levels, why would a CEO go and give the employees a substantial raise? CEOs  at most companies have not given employees raises as wages have been stagnant. The big corporate rich-guy tax cut will never trickle down to most employees.
Be smarter than the average bear. Wake up and realize you have just been had, New York real-estate style. I hear the word in NYC for this type of bear is chump.

Mad dash to bankrupt Nashville
I am ticked off that our Mayor has no one saying “no” to her mad dash to bankrupt Nashville! Her latest proposal to put light rail down Charlotte Avenue is downright crazy! Have you been down Charlotte Avenue lately? The four lanes are bumper to bumper with cars most of the day and the light rail project will reduce it to two lanes. She has extended the proposed route to White Bridge Road. Where are passengers going once they reach White Bridge Road? There are two bus routes going along that route every few minutes: number 10 and number 50. They both wind up at the Walmart store where a lot of the passengers do their shopping. How is that going to do anything to help traffic congestion?
Every time developers put up the big apartment complexes, traffic increases noticeably and no one widens the streets to accommodate the additional traffic. I believe the Mayor is trying to make a name for herself as a big spender so she can be qualified to be Governor like one of our former Mayors did,  as well as the one who is now running.

Definitions of chaos
Complete disorder and confusion; disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, disruption, upheaval, uproar, maelstrom; behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions. These are the definitions in the dictionary of “chaos”. It also describes our current office of the President of the United States of America!

This is how the free market works
To the person complaining about “opulent high-rises”: It’s a private building; who cares if some units are empty or if the “entertainment” floor isn’t used much? As for your suggestion that the floor be open to people who don’t live in the building — why don’t you let other people come into your house, use your toilet, sleep on your bed, and cook in your kitchen when you’re not using these rooms?
You also complained that the rent had been lowered to fill the vacancies. First, the average rent in Nashville is over a thousand dollars per month, so this place sounds perfectly ordinary. Second, this is how the free market works, and it’s good for people like you and me. Maybe they just misjudged how much they could charge for rent. Again, why do you care? Do you complain to hotels that have empty rooms at night? Do you complain at stores that cut prices to get rid of items that aren’t selling well?
Finally, these “opulent” high-rises are the most efficient and cost-effective ways for a large number of people to live in a small space. My mother in law is from China and is constantly amazed by the “opulence” of our suburban neighbors. To her it is outrageous that we don’t use every square foot of our yard to grow food, that we drive everywhere in gas-guzzling cars, and that our city is full of beautiful parks that are barely used most of the time. Opulence, indeed.

Cheaper to over build
First, “after additional re- sources were realized, the Mayors Office decided to extend the proposed light rail out to White Bridge Road.” That’s from November 30. It really ticks me off when our government leaders here in Nashville and of course in D.C. and the State of Tennessee come up with moneys to start projects that they deem important, (and sometime they are) but as soon as such projects are underway and all this found money is spent all of a sudden the money well runs dry. Oh no; what do we do now? That’s easy; tax, tax, tax. That seems to be the answer to the short funded projects or projects that are almost finished but the developer put in an inaccurate bid and now needs more money to finish. Briley Parkway comes to mind.
Second, “transit plan doesn’t stand a chance as it is,” is written in the same issue. The writer could not be more right. Look around folks. When 99 percent of the road projects were started in the Davidson County area they were not adequate to take in future growth. All of our freeways are that way now. So if the powers that be are adamant about the light rail and rebuilding our transportation woes then please overbuild. I believe it will be much cheaper to over build now rather than trying to find land and pay the higher prices of labor and material costs down the road.
If the population projections are even close to accurate and the shortsightedness of the past are indications of the future, then Nashville is in deeper trouble than we anticipated.

Parked with engines running
Last year homicides were up  in Nashville and up this year yet we always have two police cars parked with motors running across from the library on Church Street.

Let the sale run its course
I will shop at Krogers and I’ve noticed  they will have a sell expire in 10 days but before the 10 days is up, the price changes and the sell is no longer running. Not sure why that happens sometimes but let the sale run it’s course.

The technology is here
Traffic lights that are not timed to the flow of cars properly really ticks me off. How many times have you been at a red light in your car patiently waiting and no one was coming from any direction? That happens a lot in several areas that I drive through. The problem is worse when not only do you see not a single car coming from the other side of the road, but when cars behind you begin to stack up. It’s just frustrating. The technology is there. We, as in residents of a major city in the United States, deserve better traffic lights because we deserve better use of our time than sitting in a car while waiting for a light to change colors.

Keep hands of food containers
Sunday evening I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a roasted chicken. There I saw a man with his son this little boy was placing his hands on all the tops that covers soup containers. This man did nothing to stop his son from putting his hands on the inside of food containers. I wonder where those little hands had been and all the germs this innocent little boy spread. It ticks me off to see adults who cannot supervise children and stop forcing other customers to consume food that has been handled by dirty hands.