Davidson County Rolls Out 2,500 Recycling Containers to Keep Up with New Homes

Davidson County soon will have 2,500 new curbside recycling bins throughout the city, thanks to a $122,741.00 rebate from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).

“The recycling carts are for residential curbside recycling and would likely be used for new construction or residents requesting additional carts,” the Deputy Communications Director of TDEC Kim Schofinski said.
It should be noted that damaged carts are repaired and not completely replaced.

According to the official TDEC release, the over all goal of the rebate is to reduce landfill waste across the state and move materials to the best, highest use.

Recycling rebates can be offered in lieu of grants to purchase recycling equipment. The fund receives revenues from a state surcharge on each ton of solid waste disposed in landfills and from a fee on new tires sold in the state.

This spring Davidson County will be working on a long-term solid waste master plan, Schofinski said. “One of the goals will be to further increase recycling and waste diversion programs in the future.”

The rebate is available for the five most populous counties in the state, according to the annual estimated census by the United States Census Bureau. Other counties to receive a rebate include Knox and Hamilton Counties.