Creating gridlock for no-good reason on Franklin Road

Now the motive behind the controversial and ill-advised proposal to turn Franklin Road (US Highway 31) into two lane gridlock, in the area of Melrose, has been confirmed. In an interview with Bob Mueller, recently broadcast on Channel 2, Mayor Barry stated that, “we have to get people out of their cars and onto lite rail.” What better way to push that agenda than by using government power to artificially worsen heavy traffic during rush hour by turning a presently four lane major road artery from Franklin and Brentwood into a two lane checkpoint? And by using justification from a focus group (no doubt composed in part of a few dozen bicycle riders seeking to further their plan to create a bike lane by reducing car lanes) to force this upon 20,000 plus motorists who use that road every day to get to and from work and patronize business in the area?
Think about this, if you live in the 12 South/Melrose areas, then where do you think those 20,000 plus vehicles are going to go if Franklin Road becomes two lanes? That’s right, your currently quiet streets, now quiet because the majority of traffic is on Franklin Road, will no longer remain quiet, but will instead be noisy and filled with motorists in their cars seeking alternate routes to get where they need to be.

For Obama haters
For the Obama haters out there: take a look around instead of at Fox News, twenty-four seven. Every speech made by Republicans starts out with tired, “the failed policies of Obama,” mantra. Obama took over the Bush debacle. Does anyone else remember seeing those closed-down strip malls, entire facilities and businesses disappearing, car dealerships gone, and multiple friends losing jobs? By the time Obama left all of that was reversed. Obama got healthcare on the table for someone to tweek and work with. But the Republicans packed their bags and went home for seven years. “Repeal and Replace” was seven years and when time caught up to them they have no plan? If you don’t have a better idea, then shut the hell up.
I am seriously concerned for this country filled with far-right and far-left ideals and no one willing to be a moderate. Meet in the middle, people.

Like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic
Nashville’s public schools have major problems and many here won’t admit it. Buildings need 21st century updating. Many families are choosing our excellent private schools, moving to the suburbs or hoping they can get into the few really good public schools. Portable classrooms are everywhere. two-thirds of all third graders and sixty percent of all 8th graders are already behind in reading. Some staff members were even delayed in getting their state certification. Our high school graduation rate is only eighty-one percent.
Their answer is to expand the gifted program and build new schools. Are they kidding? That’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Last year, over 1,300 students were suspended statewide in one grade alone. You heard me right, suspended! Who are these troublemakers? They were kindergarteners! Are we to believe that our teachers can’t handle a five year old?
Their solution: The Teachers Union is conducting another time-consuming, expensive study, while our students continue to fall behind. Until we find a way to immediately improve Nashville’s public schools, we must turn to charter schools, school vouchers, merit pay     and reducing tenure. There is absolutely no reason to have the wealthy and privileged attend private schools while the rest go public.

Something to talk about
President Trump is going to have Bonnie Raitt sing at the White House, but in terms of giving us something to talk about, he doesn’t need her help.
Which is more juvenile
Last week, Thursday, June 29, two stories headlined our local news media.  First was the Nashville Council’s retreat on their ill fated Sanctuary City political statement.  The second was Trump’s Tweet about his face lift recovery guest.
Which was more juvenile, the council’s attempt to make their inane statement or Trump’s infantile tweet?
I vote for the council’s.  They acted as a group, and no one in the group could stop them, where as Trump acted without a bridle.
On that same day in history, “Kate’s Law” passed in congress. The man who killed Kate Steinie two years ago was an illegal, arrested seven times, mostly on felonies, yet re-entered the US illegally.  He was never jailed for re-entering the country, and, as we know, he was seldom jailed. He never did sufficient time for his   other acts of negligent violence.  Kate’s Law ended that.  Sanctuary Cities, such as San Francisco, were also attempting to make a banal political statement and ignoring reality.
Which action was more juvenile and also more harmful?  “There is no fair comparison.”

High-speed train to Murfreesboro
Nashville is way behind in public transit. Having a high speed train to Murfreesboro, to Hendersonville and with a frequent monorail downtown to move people where they are near, that would be one solution.

Reconsider, how could visitors  be served better?
The following is an “editors note” to this “Ticked-Off”:
“Metro Council has designated the old convention center space as a future black music museum. As I was looking at the party crowd this weekend on Broadway, I honestly did not see many people whom I thought would be interested in a museum of any kind. Metro should reconsider how visitors could better be served. A food court for families? More bars? Good restaurant and a drug store?”
Editor’s Note: The National Museum of African-American Music is set to open in 2019 at the Avenue of the Arts in the re-developed project of the former Nashville Convention Center. An estimated 200,000 annual visitors are expected to walk through the museum doors where more than 50 music genres will be showcased.

It is getting to where normal people in Nashville can’t afford to go out anymore. Everything is getting so expensive. This is not Nashville, it’s greedville. Thank you.

Stealing from a good Samaritan
Numerous readers have made comments through Ticked- Off  about different Kroger stores. What one Kroger location did was a real ticker.
I found a ring of keys that included a vehicle remote control and about eight rewards cards from various merchants.  Hoping I could get one of these merchants to identify the owner and get the keys back to the owner, I decided to take the key ring to one of these merchants; however, I did not want to just drop the keys off. I wanted the merchant to verify they had a record of the owner.  If the merchant did not, I could go to another one until I found one merchant who could return the keys to the owner. Unfortunately I chose to go to Kroger.
I asked the store employee at the service desk to check to see if she could identify the owner.  She accepted the keys from me, laid them on the counter, then proceeded to ignore me. I asked if she was going to check on the ownership, and she indicated that she would, but not right then. I told her that if she was not going to check for an owner, I would go to another merchant to help locate the owner.  She refused, saying these were not my keys although these were in my possession, and I didn’t feel Kroger had a legal entitlement to these keys.
When I reached to take back the keys, she grabbed them and called for security.  Two stockers showed up — not professional security personnel. Without trying to determine what the situation was, they ordered me out of the store.  I informed them I was not leaving without the keys.  Finally a manager arrived, although she had no name tag and did not identify herself by name, but she listened to me and had another person locate an address connected with the card.  I was told that the office staff would mail the keys to the address.  I left in hopes that they would really return the keys to the owner.