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If you see something that needs immediate attention or is out of the ordinary, send us a photo and a brief description and we will consider putting it in our “What’s wrong with this picture?” feature. Click here to submit your photo


What’s wrong with this picture?

Recently a FedEx van was photographed using a designated handicap parking space to make a delivery. A reader submitted this photo taken in Green Hills at 3708 Hillsboro Pike on…

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At an especially busy time in the morning, one reader's frustration in a McDonald's drive-through lane inspired this submission. A trash container on wheels is blockading one of the ordering lanes. This defies the goal of the company's dual ordering stations of serving people quicker.
If you see something that needs immediate attention or is out of the ordinary, give us a call at (615) 298-1500 or email a description or photo to and we will consider pulling it in our "What's wrong with this picture?" feature.

What’s Wrong with this Picture? Messy Parking Lot

A Reader asks “When are the owners of Thorton’s on the corner of Donelson Pike and Lebanon Road going to clean up their parking lot?” He has talked to the…


What’s Wrong with this Picture? USPS Parking in a Handicap Space?

A reader, Myke Schwartz submitted this photo stating, “the mail man said the USPS said he was allowed to park in handicap” until Schwartz started videoing. Not only does a…


What’s Wrong With this Picture? Read Between the Lines

This area with the lines in between the handicap spots is so that a wheelchair has room to get out of a vehicle or that someone with a disability doesn’t…


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The guitar pick shaped sign that reads“Live Music Venue” stands tall outside the former home of the upscale dining, and industry stalwart F. Scott’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar, which left…


What’s Wrong with this Picture? A Solo Light…

Where Cross Creek Road runs into Abbott Martin Road, the green light on the right side has not been working since last week a reader reported. Though the yellow and…


What’s Wrong with This Picture?

While working in downtown Nashville a reader took this photo of a UPS truck parked in a “no  parking” spot on 4th Ave N – 100 feet from Church Street….


Potential Tire Hazard

While traveling on Franklin Road (in the process of being paved) in Brentwood, coming out of Kroger on Chadwick Drive, The News became aware of this unprotected protrusion that can…