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The Ticked Off section keeps the freedom alive by printing anonymous rants submitted by our readers. If there’s anything you need to get off your chest, feel free to submit your own.


When was the last time Metro cleaned the street

What other Metro government responsibilities could we “adopt”? Why stop with the storm grates? It takes six months to get a street light fixed. What about clearing the culvert under…

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Creating gridlock for no-good reason on Franklin Road

Now the motive behind the controversial and ill-advised proposal to turn Franklin Road (US Highway 31) into two lane gridlock, in the area of Melrose, has been confirmed. In an…


Government needs to get control of high prescription costs

I would like comment on people whose only income is their Social Security. Each time my wife and I have a doctor’s visit and get the prescriptions filled — even…


Home of the free because of the brave

After the shooting of our Congressman and policemen we need to tone down our hate for each other. It is causing some people to commit crimes that hurt innocent people….


The Purple Heart license plate

My wife noticed that men were saluting as we passed them downtown last weekend. It must be the purple heart on my father-in-law’s license plate. He said it had been…

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Ticked Off 6-15-2017

Smashing people in the mouth above fine art I wanted to go downtown to visit the Frist Center recently. I got as far as Broadway and 12th Avenue and discovered…

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Get hockey fans to build roads before the booze runs out

Why has hockey taken over Middle Tennessee? The answer, in my opinion, is in the type of person who enjoys fighting and mouth-smashing while the so-called officials stand by and…


Misguided attempts to cleanse history

“I can scarcely believe the times I find myself living in”, to borrow the line… Monuments to Confederate War dead are being destroyed in some Orwellian attempt to change the…

Ticked Off 5-25-17

My wife told me that most women don’t wash their hands I agree with the person who wrote “Who raised these nasty women.” Long ago my wife told me that…

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Ticked Off 5-18-2017

Like driving over a freshly plowed field… Driving over many streets and roads in Davidson County is like driving over a freshly plowed field. Evidently there  is no money to…