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The Ticked Off section keeps the freedom alive by printing anonymous rants submitted by our readers. If there’s anything you need to get off your chest, feel free to submit your own.


Ticked Off 3-30-2017

Must be a Treat Visiting your House with Landmines Everywhere It’s usually the small ones that get us.  Poop, that is.  I suspect the “mountain” left by your 88 pound…

Ticked banner 11-5-15

Ticked Off 3-23-2017

Bring a Shopping Cart Back in With You… Here is what “ticks me off” about the relationship between people and shopping carts left in parking lots: thousands of people each…


Ticked Off 3-16-2017

My Dog Poops Where He Pleases, Deal with It To all you people out there who have hang ups with dog poop, get a life! Better yet, get a dog….


Ticked Off 3-9-2017

You Ruse, Cruse, Fast Driving Dude The person ticked about the “Children Playing” signs obviously is referring to Oriole Place in Green Hills and obviously cuts through Oriole Place. Is…


Ticked Off 3-2-2017

Road Construction Needs to be at Night Yes, I very much appreciate the comment in last week’s edition about the bike riders and I agree 100% with that comment. I…


Ticked Off 2-23-2017

It’s Like you’re the King or Queen Riding in a Parade People assume that customers of the public buses in Nashville do not have a car or even a friend…


Ticked Off 2-16-2017

Bike Riders Behaving Like Spoiled Brats… I am all for supporting more sidewalks and bike paths in Nashville. However, I would appreciate that bike riders obey traffic signals. Over and…


Ticked Off 2-9-2017

What Ever Happened to Jaywalking? Why is That no Longer Enforced? Jaywalking is what happens when a pedestrian is in the road improperly and fails to yield to traffic. It…


Ticked Off 2-2-2017

Country Road Rage… I would like to make a comment about the piece in the newspaper about elderly drivers. Whom ever was complaining about elderly drivers, they kinda sound like…


Ticked Off 1-26-2017

Cold Hearted People Complaining About Street Vendors I am so tired of rich insured Tennesseans complaining about “The Contributor” sales people. These vendors sometimes work all day and then go…