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Ticked Off 10-27-2016

Texting at Stop Lights, Affects Others in Line… I’m calling about my pet peeve, people who text at a red light while they are waiting to go straight or turn…


One of These Days, I Will…Part 2

Make a commitment. Research suggests that telling a friend or colleague that you are going to complete a task by the end of the day reduces the amount of self-control…


One of These Days, I Will…Part 1

Why is it so difficult to get motivated? We tend to plan much more than we ever accomplish. We have a name for it, “Procrastination.” Procrastination is a universal problem….


Children Grow Up Too Soon, Then They Go to College – Part II

Continuing our discussion from last week, the Lifetime Learning Credit of up to $2,000 per tax return is available for both graduate and undergraduate students. Unlike the American Opportunity Tax…

Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

Children Grow Up Too Soon, Then They Go To College – Part I

It seems like just last month that we stood in the Opryland driveway to watch the lighting of the Christmas lights. I was holding my granddaughter and she was holding…

Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

Procrastination Will Prolong the Inevitable, But it Will Not Eradicate It!

Did you file an Extension to file a personal income tax return (Form 4868)? There are some things you need to know. First, get busy compiling your tax support information….

Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

Taxing Matters 9-15-2016

Please forgive my deviation from tax and accounting discussions in favor of this article. I just feel like sharing my thoughts. Sunday, September 11, 2016, was a day of remembrance….

Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

A Day to Celebrate the Labor Workforce, A Day Declared a Holiday

Many workers are given free day, not requiring work on Labor Day—seems odd that no labor occurs on Labor Day. According to Wikipedia, Labor Day in the United States is…

Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

Good Counsel for Business Owners and Others

Do you encounter quirky, irritable, and down right difficult customers, clients and/or patients? I think all CPAs have faced difficult clients: those who complain, wait until the last minute to…

Jim Wilson - Taxing Matters

Better Late Than Never-Read and Heed

I read an article that really commanded my total attention. The title of the work was 35 Things You Should Do For Your Business Before Age 35. Well, I read…