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Taxing Matters with Jim Wilson, CPA

Taxing Matters Jim Wilson CPA

Somebody Needed to Say It! So, I Did!

My horoscope for today said, “You will learn what you need to know and what you don’t need to know. Best of all, you will learn to tell the difference.”…

Taxing Matters Jim Wilson CPA

Taxing Matters 12-8-2016

Bulletin: The U.S. Marshals Service is warning the public of a nationwide telephone scam involving individuals claiming to be U.S. marshals, court officers or law enforcement officials seeking to collect…

Taxing Matters Jim Wilson CPA

Some Refunds Delayed in 2017: IR-2016-152

The Treasury Department has assured preparers that there will be no delay in filing for the 2016 year. However, they have indicated that a new law does change the refund…

Taxing Matters Jim Wilson CPA

When Filing Income Taxes, Break-Even Can Be the Best Choice

The tax-filing season is swiftly approaching. Most people cringe when they hear that. Many people are hoping for a decent refund. Our clients ask, “How can I receive a bigger…

Taxing Matters Jim Wilson CPA

“Que Sera, Sera:” Whatever Will Be, Will Be

I remember Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera. I was a child and yet the song created a strange calm in me. Why? The nature of life is that things…


0.3% Is Hardly Worth the Effort

Of all the articles I have written, it seems the subject of Social Security has created the greatest number of responses. Many people, having reached the age(s) to file for…


What’s The Rub, Bub?

Malcontented individuals seem to abound in our society. There seems to be more variation in ideals than ever before. How would I know? I am only 69 years old. I…


Ticked Off 10-27-2016

Texting at Stop Lights, Affects Others in Line… I’m calling about my pet peeve, people who text at a red light while they are waiting to go straight or turn…


One of These Days, I Will…Part 2

Make a commitment. Research suggests that telling a friend or colleague that you are going to complete a task by the end of the day reduces the amount of self-control…


One of These Days, I Will…Part 1

Why is it so difficult to get motivated? We tend to plan much more than we ever accomplish. We have a name for it, “Procrastination.” Procrastination is a universal problem….