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Horace Johns Metro State Commentary

The immigration system

In 2016, the American people elected a president with no government experience, an unusual thing that still has the Washington elite and the mainstream media in shock and anger.  Although…


Truly, there are very taxing matters: Murder

Who has not seen the Florida massacre perpetrated by Nikolas Cruz?  Television reports have shown the carnage over and over.  The pictures of innocent children and heroic teachers have been…


Cyber Hacking, Political Thrillers, Palace Celebrities, Boner’s B-day

  Seated (l-r) : John A. Hobbs welcomed Randy Travis and Ricky Van Shelton to the Nashville Palace. Standing ​(l-r):​ in the back are Mary Travis and Bettye Shelton.  –…

Drus Views Too Drucilla Smith

White Castle, Music City Center, John A is 90, A Gerst Memory

              (L-R) Dru Smith (holding flowers) and Bill McCarty were greeted by White Castle  “Butler” Francis at last year’s Valentine’s Day dinner.    – photo…

Larrys Home Page Lawrence M Lipman

Benefits of Being a Homeowner During Tax Season

From building equity to creating a personalized living space, owning a home has many perks. With tax season upon us, it is important to keep in mind the tax deductions…


Some people will try anything to avoid paying taxes and I do mean anything

  Multifarious invention and creative thinking creates problems if applied to tax documentation.  I read lists of outrageous deductions that people conjure up to avoid paying taxes each year.  Lists…

Drus Views Too Drucilla Smith

James K. Polk, Holocaust Commission, Cohen Gallery exhibit

Polk Museum:  Tom Price, director of the James K Polk Ancestral Home, visited with Green Hills Rotarians concerning the possible move of Polk’s tomb. With the James K. Polk Memorial…

Taxing Matters Jim Wilson CPA

Tax payers and Tax Pros Urged to Step Up Security as Filing Scheme Emerges, Reminded to Report Data Thefts

I am a mentor at River Bend Maximum Security Institution.  Last week one of the inmates came to ask if I could assist him with some taxation problems.  It seems…

Horace Johns Metro State Commentary

Winston Churchill and his most memorable quotations

Winston Churchill was one of the most influential and impactful human beings of the 20th century.  He was a British statesman, writer, and one of the world’s greatest orators ever….

Drus Views Too Drucilla Smith

May Elections, TN-China​ Network​, ​Medical Honor, RIP Sen. Joe Haynes

May Election: ​Candidates galore showed up at the first  2018 Donelson-Hermitage community breakfast at John A’s. Races are heating up for the upcoming May 1 election and referendum.  Candidates from…