Can’t the shopping wait until Friday morning?

While driving I can get ticked off every day at texters and people who don’t know how to drive, but for the past five years or so I really get ticked off at the start of November and my ire won’t cease till after Thanksgiving. It started about five years ago when many retailers decided that people needed to shop on Thanksgiving Day.
Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday; families would get together and celebrate all that they had to be grateful for and to have a general good time just visiting with each other. Now many retailers decide that they cannot wait for Black Friday to start the selling. I just wonder if the decision makers for these retailers realize what this does to families.
Many of the employees of these stores probably had to work to the closing of their stores the night before and then go home and start to prepare for their families to come together the next day for dinner. Many retail workers may be heads of families and then would have to get up early in the morning to complete their cooking and make things ready for guests. After dinner they have to jump up and go to work and hope that someone will help with the cleanup. Many of the guests may feel obligated to go out and try to save ten dollars on some item and leave the party. Instead of staying and visiting they leave to shop. This ticks me off, too.
I guess what really is ticking me off is that I am one of those who have to work that day. I realize that hospitals, fire, police, and other necessary people have got to work.
Some grocers will open, but in my opinion they should dramatically reduce hours.
As you might have guessed, I am a grumpy old man who would rather be visiting with my children and grandchildren than have to jump up and go to work on Thanksgiving Day.
Really people, can’t we let the shopping wait till Friday morning.

Wish the same was done for gun control
I’m ticked off at the people who claim that since automobiles kill people, they should be banned. I’ve got news for you, automobiles have been regulated by congress. Everything from licensing, restricting top speeds, fuel efficiency standards, to recalls (think ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’ by Ralph Nader) in the name of safety. As a result, automobile fatalities have decreased despite massive advances in technology making cars faster, larger and therefore more dangerous. I wish I could say the same thing about guns. Gun safety legislation such as: limiting and banning certain assault rifles, clip sizes, along with universal and stringent background checks are needed in order to prevent the next tragedy. Yet, the NRA and other interest groups stall and delay with each mass shooting, all while gun sales skyrocket.
Guess I’ll just have to keep those lawmakers ‘thoughts and prayers’ fresh in my mind as I wait to see how many people will be killed in the next preventable mass shooting.

The message is quite clear
Congress-woman Frederica Wilson called General Kelly a racist! Do you have any idea what he must have gone through, when this outrageous accusation was leveled against Pres. Trump’s Chief of Staff? I contend that most Tennesseans have never experienced anything like it. But I certainly have.

In 2009, I joined 2,000 other doctors, and traveled to DC to study Obamacare. When I publicly spoke out against socialized medicine, (Obamacare), I received threatening phone calls calling me a racist: when I wrote that I have a 2nd Amendment right to own a legal gun to protect myself and my family I received an email saying, “I should be shot”: when I supported constructing a wall on our southern border, as a way of keeping out criminals, I was told that I was against all immigrants, not just the felons. (Xenophobic): when I wrote about respecting the unborn and banning late-term abortions, I was described as being against women’s rights: when I co-founded a Tea Party Group, calling for lower taxes, smaller government, patriotism, and following the constitution, I was called a “radicle right wing extremist”: as a Vietnam veteran, I was called “a baby killer”: even though I’m of the Jewish faith, I defended my Christian friend’s right to publicly celebrate Christmas by displaying the Nativity Scene. I was labeled a “religious fanatic”.
The message is quite clear. Speak out today against anything that your opponents or the media disagree with, and you will be accused of unrelated, despicable and indefensible crimes. Destroy anyone’s constitutional right to dissent, and you meet the definition of fascism.

Welcome to Greed hills
Welcome to Greed Hills with its’ high-rise hide holes for itsters and a motorcycle on top of a burrito sign. I remember when cows were in a pasture about two blocks away from the mall. Bye-bye Miss American pie. What is next? I hear rich people have underground bunkers and tunnels. Thanks Mayor Barry.

Tone down the baby blue
Who decided that dressing football players in total baby blue was a good idea? Are they the team of Smurfs? They looked like toddlers in “onsies” running around on the field last night while the opposing team was dressed in black and yellow. At least give them black pants to tone down the baby blue and maybe the Titans would win more games.

Ban everything except for dryer lint
During my police career I responded to hundreds of domestic violence calls. Very few actually involved firearms. Most involved fist, feet, beer bottles, ball bats, appliance cords, barbecue fork, bleach, gasoline, fire, ceramic dinner platter, beer stein, kitchen knives, scissors, automobiles, hot grease, rebar, and furniture legs ( alcohol played a big part). I also responded to a call where a student stabbed another student in the head with a pencil. Except for dryer lint I’ve seen just about everything used as a weapon. We need to ban everything! Except dryer lint.

Never hear a yes or no answer
I record 5 of the Sunday morning political programs.
What ticks me off during these shows is when the moderators ask most of the politicians a question that is concerning all of the people of the U.S. I have not heard any of them (politicians) give a yes or no answer. They all seem to engage in double-speak all the time. Even when the moderator asks for a yes or no answer they keep insisting on going on and on with double-speak. What gives politicians? Are there rules in your jobs that say “beat around the bush” and don’t give a direct answer to anything?

Problem continues as I write this letter
The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, airlines and various contractors are raking in the cash while Donelson residents suffer from the continual extreme noise pollution from aircrafts that take off and land daily from 5:30 to 12:30 a.m.
No other area of Nashville is bearing the brutal onslaught of BNA noise pollution like Donelson. I’ve lived in or around Donelson and the airport most of my 66 years and I speak with authority when I say Donelson is being devastated.
Last night, aircraft were taking off and landing until 2:34 a.m.; which is when I heard the last turboprop aircraft take off and fly directly East off the runway and roar directly over my house — which is not in the approved flight pattern. The thunderous roar began again at 5:40 a.m. this morning and is continuing as I make these comments. Going to sleep before midnight is a waste of time because of the aircraft noise. Sleeping late is impossible because the thundering roar begins most everyday around 5:30 am. Proper sleep is impossible even with earplugs and a 20-inch fan set on high and placed next to my head. It doesn’t matter if anyone is inside their home or outside, Donelson residents continually hear extreme noises from BNA activities, growth, and development that MNAA officials admit is unprecedented and historical. Flights in and out are hundreds more per week than just years ago. Yet with all this growth they still have no plan to address the concerns of their neighbors who have repeatedly informed them of our desire to be bought out due to the unlivable environment BNA / MNAA has created.

Please don’t
My advice for future voters: please don’t vote for any more political candidates whose list of most admired characters includes Pepe Le Pew.

Should be a time limit
While I agree and feel a sexual predator should be punished to the fullest extent of the law I cannot understand why the victim of such a nasty act waits any more than 2 hours to report the perpetrator. It is a deplorable act and should be acted on in the shortest time allowed not when it becomes advantages to the victim or damaging to the “perp”. There should be a time limit on exposing such a predator. Again, it is a deplorable act and should be acted on immediately.

The problem is the automatic part
This is in response to the over simplist comment, “more people die in car crashes.”
Compared to apples and oranges, the problem is not with mass shootings per say. We’ve been having those for a long time. The problem is the mass shootings, mass murders are killing more people because of the automatic weapons. Not per say because of a gun but its the automatic part. Where you have 30 bullets in one magazine. What in the world is that for? Now they have these automatic weapons that can kill a ton of people at one time. But guess that’s alright.

Solution to burned out street lights
Here is information concerning burned out street lights that has helped me out in the past.
First you need to get the pole number and approximate street address to that pole and call Metro Public Works. Their customer service number is (615) 862-8971. Public Works will then turn this information into NES and they will come out and repair or replace the burned out light. If you don’t get a response within a reasonable amount of time, then, I would suggest calling Public Works again. That’s what you need to do and that should solve your problem. Thank you.

Explain what a real American is
I would like for Lee Thomas Miller, singer songwriter who is considering a run for the Senate seat now held by Marsha Blackburn, to explain the criteria for being a real American.

Remember the people overseas
I’m calling in the response to the holiday scrooge who is ticked off because Christmas shopping has kicked off early. I would like to remind that person that there are hundreds of thousands of Americans overseas and I’m sure they would like to have something from home. Many of them can not come home for Christmas.
There’s all sorta of jobs they are holding overseas and if we had some way of shopping earlier without offending the scrooges, a little corner saying perhaps loved ones overseas- shop early, ship early. Because you just can not shop last minute in December and get it to them in time. If more people were aware of that I think they would be less grumpy. We need that, there are more shoppers in Nashville than there use to be. We do not have the time to shop last minute on Christmas Eve like we used to years ago. Time is of the essence now for everybody.

How can’t you see the difference
This is in response to the person comparing concentration camps to confederate monuments. Talk about turning a topic on its head. The reason concentration camps still exists is to show the horrors of what all was going on. The confederate monuments are put up to glorify these people who fought against the United States who killed American soldiers. Gosh, how can you not see the difference.

DQ Blizzard
I recently went to Dairy Queen for ice cream; however, before I ordered I saw their photo of a cake frosty and ordered a medium size. When they placed it on the counter it just had small chocolate chips mixed in and said it was $6. Was I ever disappointed! This wasn’t a chocolate cake blizzard as I had expected. Buyer, beware!

Too high movie tickets
I’m ticked off about the grossly inflated price of a movie ticket in Nashville. The national average price is $8.93. A survey of ticket prices in other major cities finds prices generally ranging from $6.75 to $8.50. Movie theaters in Nashville are dominated by one company and the lack of competition has resulted in greed and a rip off of the public. Bring prices more in line and maybe there will be less empty seats. Or perish in the wake of other home entertainment options.