Brave mother recognized for saving minister during church shooting

It was early fall in Nashville and everyone at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ looked with chaotic attempts to understand the scene taking place around them. Minerva Rosa-Gonzalez assessed the injured. Minister Joey Spann lost consciousness as Gonzalez applied pressure to a gun wound in his chest and talked to him. His wife lay nearby on the ground.


Minerva Rosa-Gonzalez

Calling for clothes, a jacket, anything that would help stop the flow of blood, the young woman who works as a technologist at the Nashville VA hospital, was calm during the shooting that killed one and injured several others.

On September 24th, an armed man stormed into the church, leaving seven people injured by gunshots in the edifice and one person mortally wounded in the church parking lot.

Amidst the panic and confusion, Ms. Rosa-Gonzalez used her body to apply pressure to his wounds to stop the bleeding, perhaps saving his life, and making it easier for first responders to provide lifesaving care upon their arrival.

Gonzalez was recognized for bravery in a ceremony over the weekend at the Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs.