Author asks readers to share ‘stories about mom’

Shaun Kevin ErnyShaun Kevin Erny, storyteller and author of the newly released book The Adventures of a Suburban Daredevil, wants to hear his readerss’ favorite stories. He’s gathering them now, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Erny will be telling stories celebrating mothers and reading from his book on from 4 until 6 p.m. on Friday, May 9 at Bookman/Bookwoman, 1731 21 Avenue South. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and share their own memories of their moms, and Erny will publish some of the best stories in a future book.

Erny’s mother managed to survive the exploits of he and his siblings as they grew up in the 1970s, and she embraced many of the same values as many mothers still do today.

Among Erny’s outstanding memories of his mom is how she was always a loyal cheerleader, regardless of activity or performance. While Erny humbly reports his thwarted attempts at becoming a sports star, his mom was a loyal supporter throughout. Whether he was giving up 19 straight runs in baseball, deflecting soccer kicks into the goal, or scoring the winning basket for the other team, Mom was always in the stands, yelling “Go, son!” throughout the game.

Erny’s mom assumed that he was up to no good, and he was. On one particular occasion, Erny came home before curfew but later snuck out again, her “Mom Radar” kicked in. She arrived at the party in her nightgown, grabbed him by long hair and dragged him to the car.

“My mom’s radar could detect misbehavior unlike anything I had ever seen,” Erny said.

In addition to his sports activities, Erny’s mother encouraged creative endeavors. Some mothers might be upset to find their son had swiped a spare bedsheet and cut it into sections to invent a sail-skateboard. Not Erny’s mom. She helped him stitch it on her sewing machine.

“My idea was so preposterous that she was eager to see if it would work,” Erny recalled.

Erny will be signing copies of his novel as Suburban Daredevil makes a great gift for mothers or anyone who wishes to recall the memories of childhood and parenting. If readers are unable to attend this event but still wish to share their own stories, they may visit Erny’s website at to share their stories.