Attention-grabbing push by team’s owners bring pro soccer to Nashville

It was announced on December 20 that Nashville  was the newest city to gain a Major League Soccer franchise, one owner of the team, John Ingram, said that landing the MLS bid was because of the undeniably friendly business environment created by city and state leaders.

“Together, we’ve accomplished in one year what might take other places two, three or more [years] to do,” he said.

According to Ingram and others involved in the decision, Nashville stood little chance of earning a franchise as of a year ago. But local and state officials and business leaders were drawn to the possibility of new public-private partnerships expected as the plan moves forward.

Gov. Bill Haslam touted the awarded franchise as another economic boom not just for Nashville, but for all of Tennessee.

The city’s large international community has been touted as a reason to bring a team to Nashville, as well.
However, the $275-million stadium for the MLS team has some staunch opponents. Locals will have to show up and support the team for the plan to be beneficial to owners and community at large, also.

Metro Council has already approval to finance the stadium  and its construction at the Fairgrounds Nashville. The dedicated 27,500-seat facility at the state fairgrounds was  seen as a requirement to land a team.

Some specifics — about when the team will launch, its corporate sponsors and more specifics on the stadium plan — are yet to be determined.