Appalled at the Metro Water bill…

I’m appalled at our Metro water bill. We were out of town for some of last month’s billing period. Our water charges were less than $4 but our total bill was almost $23. This included: Sewer Charges $7.62, ST Stormwater Charges $11, City Tax $0.07, State Tax $0.22, Sewer Usage Surcharge $0.76.
What an astronomical amount for a less than $4 water bill! Unbelievable! Who came up with the outrageous fees and where does the money go?

The next Boner award
I think we have a good hint for the subject of the winning 2018 Boner award, thanks to our wonderful mayor.

Injured grand child scam
The injured grandchild scam is making rounds again. When your phone rings and you answer it, the caller claims to be your grandchild needing help. So I made up a name and said, “Kemp is that you?” And  the person replies, “yes”. I said, “You don’t sound like yourself.” He responds, “well that is because I have a busted lip and a broken nose and they are going to take me to jail if you don’t send money and get me out of here. And  I’m going to give you my case number and please don’t hang up.” Immediately a man comes to the phone saying he is the public defender in Maryland where my grandchild is and says “if you don’t send the money your grandchild is going to jail”.
Well, I don’t have a grandchild so I asked “why doesn’t he call his parents? They have plenty of money.” He replies “well he is embarrassed to call his parents but he  desperately needs for you to help him.” Well, I knew it was a scam but I was only playing along. So, I said, “what is your telephone number so I can call you back after I get the money.” He said “well I can’t give you that.” I responded “You can’t give me the number because this is a scam! I don’t have a grandchild and you’re not a public defender because the public defender won’t even see that person until they get to court.” He hung up of course. I hate to say this, but I know two people in Bellevue who actually sent  money because they thought their grand children were in some kind of dyer  distress and were about to go to jail. But I didn’t have a grandchild and so I knew it was a scam.
Just wanted to let everyone know its making rounds again so other people don’t get caught into this. If anyone calls and says they are your grandchild and they need money, hang up because they are not!

Realize the rules of the road
I’m so ticked off at people who go through the blinking lights. Especially the one on Vicks Road. It is a very busy intersection and people going through it like its not even there.   Do they not even realize the rules of the road? A blinking light at a red light means its a four way stop. Some drivers  really do not need to be on the road if they do not understand the laws of the road. Thank you so much and have a blessed day.

This argument doesn’t hold any water
There is no comparison between pedestrians using sidewalks versus bicyclist using the roads. If pedestrians start walking on the streets in the middle of traffic, or walking and stopping at stop lights or not stopping at stop signs or stopping at stop signs or not stopping then that’s different. So the person who thought pedestrians on the sidewalks is the same thing as bicyclist on the roadways doesn’t know what they are talking about. And I haven’t seen a sign yet asking for automobiles to share the roadways with pedestrians on the streets.
So that argument doesn’t hold any water.

The slanted media
Everybody rants about Trump’s approval rating. I can not help each morning scroll down through the news to see what main stream media is actually doing to Trump. If people would just sit back and notice how they are fashioning their headlines to put neutral things into a negative light. They are making every headline negative as they can. Every article about Trump in the libral media is negative. Its sad they are out to assassinate him.  It’s a shame how the media doesn’t report just facts but instead they put such a slant on things. Our country does not have a neutral media.  They are biased and push to believe whatever by whom ever has their own agenda and controls the media. Isn’t it that way in China and North Korea? Where are we going with this? I think facts should only be reported, not just some slant. I don’t even bother to look at them. Some of the titles are just smearing and negative. I could move to China or North Korea if I wanted that. Thanks.

Love / hate relationship
Over my four plus decades of fine living in Nashville, I have noticed this love/hate relationship between the mayor and/or the mayor’s office and the police department.

Let’s not be too quick to forgive
Oh no, no, no!  Do not consider Mayor Barry’s affair a simple indiscretion. It was wrong on so many levels.  How it doesn’t violate any ethics rules is incomprehensible. I’m no prude, but when you have an extramarital affair with someone whose pay and/or budget you can influence, you are pushing your luck.
I want to hear from all of the liberals and Democrats who are so quick to castigate Trump for his affairs.  I want to hear from all the feminists who strike out against males for the same actions unless, of course, they are named Clinton. Actually the feminists are probably proud of a woman who used her position to manipulate a man. Perhaps he manipulated her.  Can’t really see the attraction, but hey they  had a good time, maybe on the taxpayer’s dime.
Can Mayor Barry be trusted to make unemotional decisions? Will she spend the taxpayers’ funds wisely?  Let’s not be too quick to forgive.

Good Morning Council members, God bless Megan Barry for her apology and forthcoming but her resignation should already have been made in order to respect and protect the integrity of the Mayor’s office and Metro government.
She has broken God’s law and committed adultery; and that is forbidden. A shame on Nashville as a city.
One of the worst examples of sin for our children to see as acceptable behavior by the leader of our city; and saddening to me as an adult and a Christian.
God will forgive her, but she should resign and allow the vice mayor to assume office immediately.
Sorry, but I had to send you folks my thoughts on this.

Vacant duplexes are a scourge
Our leaders are worried about short-term rentals. Then what about “phasing out” vacant duplexes and triplexes that are scattered throughout our county? They are magnets for garbage, drugs, prostitution, and crime in general. Try living next to one of them.

Don’t defend her actions as justifiable
Once again, we as citizens of Nashville are subjected to yet another elected official scandal, this time by the mayor. let’s add her name to the elected official “official embarrassment” list alongside Torrence and Moreland, did I miss anyone from the last few years? Feel free to jump in there with names. Talk about losing respect and credibility, this town is well on its way. I dare any of you to come to her defense saying she is only human, how ludicrous does that sound. She and her lover knew exactly what they were doing for the last 2 years. There is no moment of weakness here just as Forrest Gump would say “stupid is as stupid does”. Please don’t defend her actions as justifiable. They broke God’s Commandments and the sanctity of the marriage vows they both recited before witnesses.

I recently saw a TV commercial for a law firm which referred to certain drivers as “knuckleheads.”  Way to go!  I loved it!  It referred to these “knucklehead” drivers as the type who would eventually cause an accident (resulting in time wasted, damaged autos, personal injury or death, and ever rising insurance premiums).  Who are these “knuckleheads?”  They are drivers who chose to ignore the law by tailgating too closely in an attempt to make traffic move faster, by not turning on their headlights when it’s raining so other drivers can see them more easily, by not using their turn signals when turning, changing lanes and entering or leaving the highway, by not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign or when making a “right on red” turn (yes the law says you can make that turn on red, but you must come to a complete stop first), and by not using their seat belts.  Not doing these things are all violations of the law;  that would make them crimes and those who don’t follow them, criminals. They  deserve at the very least, a traffic ticket and a fine.  How about those who think they can still drive just fine while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  It should also include those who insist on driving way over the speed limit (15-20 MPH)( some motorcyclists are really bad offenders in this, weaving in and out of traffic and riding between lanes of traffic).  All this really ticks me off and it should you as well.  If it strikes a sore spot with you, it was well deserved. Hey you “knuckleheads,” in my opinion you do not deserve to keep your drivers’ license. Stop breaking the law and simply do what’s required of you.  We’ll all be a lot safer on the road and the result will be fewer accidents, injuries, deaths, and rush hour traffic not being brought to a halt by “knucklehead drivers’ accidents.”  And this one wins the “Champion of Knuckleheads” 1st prize:  I have actually witnessed drivers making a left turn on red!  OMG!

Disaster proposed for US 31W
This is a dire warning for everyone who lives or drives north of Nashville.
The city of Goodlettsville has unveiled its “Main Street” improvements project.  “Main Street” is Dickerson Pike/US 31W, which is a vital major highway. This highway is absolutely essential for thousands of travelers and commuters who use it daily.  Goodlettsville wants to reduce this highway from five lanes (two travel lanes in each direction and left turn/refuge lane) to just four lanes.  Having to stop and wait for left turns to be completed will greatly slow down movement of traffic, especially during critical rush hours and when I-65 is shut down–which happens often.
This ill-conceived plan needs to be stopped by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), the agency responsible for our highways.  To make sure TDOT does this, contact your state representative and senator, urging them to put pressure on TDOT to protect this highway.

What do women really expect?
It seems that every day there is another report by a woman who has been allegedly groped or harassed or something of the sort but as a woman I get ticked off at the conflicting message we are sending. I saw an article that said one of these late night hosts is going to have an interview with a porn actress trying to trash President Trump which seems all they are capable of doing. I assume this genius is going to do this in front of an audience so just picture trying to introduce this trash on TV. This woman is basically a prostitute who likes to ply her trade in front of a camera and people are going to applaud her if the studio puts the ‘applause’ sign on! If you look at things like internet news you see one story after another of breathless commentary on another actress walking the red carpet pretty much naked and being described as bold and courageous for showing as much skin as possible. Frankly, I am sick of seeing pictures of Kardashians with no clothes on when you look at the news boxes on the internet. At the same time you have all these accusations of sexual harassment every day. It seems that things like this are sending a very mixed message. If I were a man I wouldn’t go on a date without a lawyer and a body cam.

Where are the Cold Patrols for the homeowners
The Metro police along with OEM conducted proactive cold patrols to search out the home-less. Where are the cold patrols for our home-owners? Just because you have four walls and a roof doesn’t mean you are any less vulnerable. Our elderly/ handicapped home-owners and shut-ins need help during extreme weather. HVAC’s can go out, pipes can burst, no food, power failure, etc. Anyone with an elderly parent knows what I’m talking about.

Stay home and cough in your house
Well Tennessee is on the red state flu map. For those who think they need to go to work while running a fever and coughing and you’re making everyone else sick, it’s inconsiderate you should just take a day off. Stay home and cough in your house. Or at least cough into your elbow or tissue instead of sharing it into the open air.
Also, I had a family member who was in an accident and  someone came to visit him. They sat right across and coughed on him for the 30 minutes. Ended up getting my family member sick who was already injured from the accident. How rude is that to go into someone’s house and cough on an injured person! It’s just rude. Stay home or cover your cough! Tissues, elbows, coat, something… a bath towel- put it over your head. I don’t care, people. Stop spreading the flu and      this rotten respiratory going around. If you have a cough and got a fever then just stay home!

Response to Trump winning a second term
Bravo… Bravo! Fabulous letter! I wish GCA News would print this in 36 point font!