Andy Warhol Polaroids, Business Innovations, Women’s March

It’s Dolly!!! Dolly Parton’s snapshot was featured in a poster advertising an exhibition​ ​at the Cohen Fine Arts Gallery. Her​ polaroid photo was on display in the ​treasure trove of celebrity shots Andy Warhol snapped back in the ‘60s. Perhaps it was just a fortunate stroke of serendipity but ​Dolly’s 72nd birthday coincided with the January 19 exhibition ​opening. Dolly Parton is, of course,​ Tennessee’s sweetheart, ​the  larger-than-life singer, songwriter, actress ​from Sevierville ​who ​has ​gained international fame. The polaroid exhibition is at Vanderbilt’s Fine Arts Gallery at Cohen Memorial Hall at 1220 21st Ave. S.  For more information contact gallery director Joseph Mella at joseph.


A Better Way? Calling on professionals who conduct meetings or negotiations via video conferences. Wallace Consulting offers an opportunity to “test drive” at no cost a better way to conduct video conferences without ​unwanted ​conversational lags, talk-overs or unintended signal delay interruptions. The Nashville-based company seeks professionals to take part in research trials prior to the launch of this innovative technology. For further information​,​ and to volunteer to participate​, contact Howard Wallace at (615) 318-4952 or

Get it? CEO Zach Gemignani of Juice Analytics told Green Hills Rotarians, “We know the best statistical data in the world is useless if business clients can’t understand it.” His company, dubbed Juicebox®, has helped mainline organizations such as Aetna, Notre Dame University and the International Hotels Group to bring rich insights derived from statistics to​better ​inform the decision-making of clients. Contact Gemignani at juiceanalytics. com​


What a Life! John A’s Restaurant is holding a book signing party from 5 to 7:30 p.m. on Thu. Jan. 25. Restaurateur John A. Hobbs will sign his biography:The Life and Times of Music Valley’s Visionary. John A’s islocated at 2421 Music Valley Dr.

Women’s March: The Women’s March in Nashville was formed in solidarity with last week’s Women’s March on Washington D.C.. About 10,000+ supporters of women’s rights joined the parade through downtown Nashville. The demonstrators made their way across the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge through Nashville to arrive on the Public Square in front of the courthouse.


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