All I wanted was to be left alone to grieve

I have to agree with the comment about courtesy after a tragedy. My husband was shot multiple times on May 2nd at the Exxon across the street from West Harpeth Funeral Home. The next day the news media was calling or showing up at the door wanting a statement from me. My sister took all calls and answered the door. We had not planned for a funeral, but when I realized how many friends he had from work and customers that had come to know him I decided to have a “Celebration of Life” so they could say goodbye to him. When we got to the funeral home the manager met us and said the media was out front and wanted to come in and tape it. I immediately said No! I later found out that the media was asking everyone coming in if they were a member of the family. If that wasn’t bad enough, when the service was over, the manager told us the media was now at the back door. My brother and four of my cousins went out the front with me and my sister. My brother then went around back and got my sister’s truck. We quickly left. For days we tried to go by the station to pick up our car and every time a news media truck would be there. Finally, TriStar had it picked up by a wrecker and brought to my apartment. If not for the management at West Harpeth and the people at TriStar I feel they would have made life a worse nightmare than it already was. All I wanted was to be left alone to grieve and not be harassed.

Will I-440 ever improve?
When I first got to Nashville over 11 years ago I remember bad the condition of I-440. Eleven years down the road and it is in as bad of a condition as ever. Will this ever change?

Worms from dog waste at apartment complex
Our family does not own any pets, however, we live in a ‘dog-friendly’ apartment complex. My children often wore sandals up until about a month ago. They like to play outside and because the people in the apartments next to us do not pick up their dog waste (feces), my children were misdiagnosed several times until we found the worms in their stools! We thought the worse as the symptoms ranged from colitis to insomnia to giardia. In fact, everyone in the family got them–they can even reside in the body in places one would never image and cause all types of problems. Responsible pet owners need to be aware that letting their dogs ‘do their business’ without picking it up can lead to terrible consequences. In time, there will be many more of these cases, because of uncaring pet owners.

Ideas to improve the current traffic situation
Yes, I believe Nashville does indeed have a serious traffic problem. Certainly alternative methods of transportation need to be seriously considered. However, I do think there are some things that could be done to help the current traffic problem.
First of all, I think all major construction on roadways/ interstates needs to be done only at night or in the very early hours of the morning. Second, public schools need to open later in the day after the morning rush hour. Also, I think some people who go into work could work at home if they do computer jobs. Finally, I think that there are some people, mainly young people, who would do better by learning how to use the bus rather than to drive a car, especially at an early age.
These and many things like this would help the situation. And also coordination of traffic lights would also help. Thank you.

Help feed the homeless
Yes, I think the white supremacists that are coming to Murfreesboro would feel so much better about themselves if they came down to the local soup kitchen and helped feed the homeless. The demonstration is just a lot of hate as far as I’m concerned. Also, as far as the NFL, I’ve called the Anheuser-Busch telephone line that was mentioned in last week’s column and I’m also giving that number to all of my friends. Thank you and have a good day.

Cheaper to offer free bus service
With the costly expense of mass transit proposals now on the table, would it be cheaper to just offer free bus service to everybody in the city.

Spare us the rhetoric
To all the writers saying that it is people, not guns, that are the problem, here is a rebuttal to your NRA slogan and oversimplified swan song designed to chalk up republican votes. No democrat is talking about taking away guns. They are talking about taking away or at least limiting military grade weapons of mass destruction. No one needs machine guns that can kill and wound hundreds of people in a minute or two. However, by making it easy for people to have them, these mass murders will obviously continue to happen more frequently. Doing our societal best to prevent people from having unnecessary killing machines may save your life or your child’s life. If some sane person wants badly enough to shoot these massively destructive weapons, they can volunteer for the army or perhaps rent them to shoot in a controlled environment such as a special range designed for them with training and oversight available.
Someone said cars kill many people, so oh me, oh my, shall we take away cars? That is a fifth-grader level argument. True, cars kill people, but it is illegal to drive a drag racer or an Indy car or a tank on the street. Why? Because some idiot will do it and inflict unnecessary carnage. As a race car is to a passenger vehicle, so is a machine gun to a rifle, pistol or shotgun. Cars are necessary for conducting life in our society. Guns are nice for hunting and protection. Race cars are controlled and limited to the racetrack. Machine guns can be similarly controlled.
So please spare us all the insipid rhetoric about “it’s the deranged people, not the poor innocent guns.” Perhaps when your family member or a dear friend is mowed down in a crowd you will change your mind. Why not change your mind before that happens? Yes, machine guns will still exist and still get in the wrong hands, but let’s do our absolute best to limit the carnage from this point forward, not enable it and make it easy forevermore. Do you care more about machine guns or innocent people? Decide right now if you are cruel and heartless, or if have you a heart that cares about protecting innocent people from mindless mass slaughter any way possible.

Take notice of who you give money to
Has anyone ever noticed these people standing on all corners? The man on corner Myatt Drive and Old Hickory Blvd. drives a nice Chrysler parked up the street in the church parking lot and smokes cigarettes. How about the woman at the corner of Anderson Rd and Myatt Dr? She had cigarettes in her hand. Why do people support this? Take notice people and give your dollar to St Jude hospital instead of buying cigarettes for these money hungry people.

A Good Samaritan who is a MTA bus driver
As crazy as this world has become with so many horrible things happening so often, I think it’s more important than ever to recognize when folks go out of their way to do good! On Monday, October 23, 2017 at roughly 10 am, I had just walked into a restaurant on 21st Avenue when a MTA bus driver came in and said he’d picked up my wallet from the street and would like to return it to me. All I could do was thank him for doing that before he immediately went back to his vehicle and continued his route. No, I didn’t get his name but, if he or his colleagues happen to read this, I want it known how much I appreciate what he did for me (and would like to apologize to vehicle drivers that had to wait for a few minutes while he did right by me – a total stranger). Yes, it’s always a blessing when a good samaritan goes out of their way to help and I want to publicly thank him for it!

Sheepish smiles
What is with all the sheepish smiles? Why are all the girls on Facebook, Instagram and other social media not having a normal or a fun smile? It’s all the same ditzy smile. You open your mouth wide and show your top teeth while trying to show your tonsils while looking surprised. Looks like a coke can could fit into their mouth. I don’t know what it’s about. Every- body is doing it. There’s just not the ordinary plain smiles you see anymore. People in real life do not smile like this- with their eyebrows up and their bottom lip down. You can see their tongue and tonsils. What’s the deal? Does anybody know?

It is not good when trick or treating ends
We are under siege again and it ticks me off. As our President has said, our heritage it being taken away from us. But not just the monuments of the Confederate leadership that stood up to the tyranny in Washington. Not the cultural elitists that do not understand that our Stars and Bars flag signifies our belief in a way of life that is pure, not sullied by the others that surround the true patriotic Americans. No, not those attacks on our heritage.
What ticks me off is that the insidious culture in this country is taking away the pleasant and warm feelings I can remember as a little boy playing on Halloween. Gone is the time honored ‘Trick or Treat’ of my favorite time with my brothers and parents. Going around the neighborhood visiting all our friends and just enjoying kid’s play and getting candy. No, no more trick or treat. Look around town and you see that my childhood memories are now replaced by ‘Trunk or Treat’. What? Why is our culture trying to erase the good memories of little children enjoying innocent family time?
This is what is going on in America and it is not good. The monuments, our flag and now our fun on a fall day in October. Ticked off and sad at the same time.

Charter school scam at taxpayers expense
It is completely illogical to take money from public schools to fund these private charter schools. Less money for the mainstream kids means poorer performing public schools which then causes folks to want to send their kids to one of the well funded charter schools! What a scam this has turned out to be at taxpayer expense!

Getting sick towards all these commercials
The other day, I had to stay home from work due to having a cold. I don’t usually watch daytime TV, but I was feeling poorly so I turned on the set to see what as on. Within about 10 minutes, I was hit with TV ads for every kind of medicine you can imagine. Cures for back-pain, athletes feet, headaches, psoriasis, shingles, irritable bowl syndrome, constipation, colds, fever, ingrown toenails, muscle aches and pains, etc., etc. My goodness, if I wasn’t already sick, I would have felt like getting sick just to try out some of these wonderful remedies! Next time I’m sick, I think I will just go on to work so that I don’t get any sicker!

Frustration with Trump
I have never written “ticked off” before, but I feel compelled to voice my frustration with our new president. I don’t think he has any empathy in his soul and he certainly never apologizes for any stupid statement or outright lie he tells! The handling of the calls to families of our brave soldiers killed in action are a prime example of this “I’m perfect” attitude he displays.

In need of more affordable eating establishments
Green Hills needs a Sonic Restaurant and needs it now! Ever since Krystal closed at Hillsboro at Crestmoor there has been a obvious void in quality affordable eating establishments. Sonic is not fast food, it is good food fast! Where do all the wealthy Green Hills residents and business owners expect its working force to eat? It’s especially difficult with the current temporary closure of McDonald’s. A Sonic somewhere along Hillsboro would be a good start, perhaps in front of Hillsboro High School. An adjacent Zaxby’s would be an even better start. As for Krystal, they should become an anchor tenant for the new Vertis development at Hillsboro and Richard Jones.

Speed bumps that don’t wreck your spine
The new speed bumps at the Green Hills Y make one wonder if the goal is to level out the membership numbers and destroy cars thus preventing overcrowding. There are speed bumps all over the city that do not require subsequent visits to chiropractors and automobile mechanics.
Surely these can be adjusted so joints are not dislocated while trying to enter or leave the parking lot. Thank you.