Ticked Off 3-9-2017

You Ruse, Cruse, Fast Driving Dude

The person ticked about the “Children Playing” signs obviously is referring to Oriole Place in Green Hills and obviously cuts through Oriole Place. Is it too much to ask to you to not drive your huge Lexus and Mercedes SUVs through Oriole Place at 60 mph?  We are circulating a petition to make Oriole Place a dead-end so our children can play safely without rude, inconsiderate, disrespectful and illegal speeding drivers like you!

Handicap Without a Spot to Park the Car

Everybody complains about Nashville traffic. But what about finding a parking place once you get where you are going, especially if you are handicapped?

Take Green Hills Mall for example. It has recently lost a significant percentage of its parking lot to new construction. Granted, they have valet parking and there is newly added space in the new Dillard’s garage.  But not everyone wants to valet or maybe can’t walk that far.  There are precious few designated handicapped spaces.  Cheesecake Factory controls numerous prime spaces.  Wouldn’t a multi-level parking garage on the current site double or triple the parking capacity?

Forget Publix in Belle Meade on a Wednesday Senior Day. There are only four handicapped spaces near the entrance and they are always filled. Don’t even try to drive downtown.

But the worst parking offense is in the Centennial Hospital Physicians’ Building at the UP level. If you have an early morning appointment, you’ll see people in scrubs who work in the building getting on the patient parking level elevator.  They leave their cars at that level all day. There is parking provision for them but it is not enforced.  Just having a security guard present by the elevators from 7:30 to 8:30 am to check if those in scrubs are legitimate patients might free up numerous spaces for real patients.

It would also be great if cars in designated parking places everywhere actually have handicapped stickers or plates.

Have you ever seen those signs enforced?

Steal from the Poor and Give to the Rich

I am ticked off that our new president now plans to raise the defense budget and slash taxes for rich people and giant corporations. If this sounds familiar, it is what G.W. Bush did while he was in office along with start a war that destabilized the Middle East, gave rise to ISIS, cost thousands of American lives, and butchered the economy which resulted in a government bail-out for greedy banks and corporations. Stay tuned for the rest of Donald’s strategy to make America Great Again!

Health Care Crisis

It ticks me off that our congress majority and their new boss Trump are about to send the health care system into a crisis because of their ignorance of the issues. “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated,” the president told a group of 46 governors at the White House, recently. Wait just minute, I thought this was the genius who would fix health care with the stroke of a pen and repeal The Affordable Care Act. Looks like these bozos don’t have a clue. Instead of working with Obama to improve the system, republicans resisted and helped create problem after problem. Now they are in charge and don’t know which way to turn because they are looking at

next years mid-term elections and feeling the heat!

Wasting our Money on Monuments to Nothing

If it isn’t enough that the free spender, Megan Barry is turning Nashville into a refugee city and building an $18 million pedestrian bridge down in SoBro, but check this out.

There is a grandiose en- trance on Hwy 100, across from the entrance to Edwin Warner Park that appears to have cost maybe  $350,000  or more. It appears to have a short pedestrian  walk way a few hundred feet long that goes into a turnaround.  It took a year to build it, and in typical government fashion, it is ten times more fancy than necessary. That would be bad enough, but it has never  been opened. There is a locked gate on it.

So it appears to have cost far more than a simple entrance should have cost, and now has never been used. If the clowns running our government had to spend “earned” money as we citizens do, this  monument to nothing would have never been built. If the city has an overrun, lets pave some streets. I hit a hole last week that almost took my left front tire out. I may be mistaken but I believe I heard the words, “Sales tax increase”  uttered recently. I hope before I pass on we  get  a Mayor who thinks like President Trump:  Spend the people’s money on  common sense projects which will repay the city with dividends.

Start Acting like Grown Ups

In my 72 years of living in America I have never seen such division in the population. Even the Vietnam War did not divide the country like it is divided today. If we get into a war in the next four years there will certainly be even more division and name-calling in our great land. I cannot believe that some news organizations are being blocked from White House news conferences just because they report things that the administration doesn’t agree with, or calls them fake news people. We are headed for a big mess if the bozos in charge do not wake up and start acting like grown ups!

State the Reason Why

I would like for America to stand on their mother’s grave, with their right hand on the Bible and facing the American flag and state exactly the real reason why they are against the Affordable Care Act. I realize it is an example of true bigotry. Do it anyways and see how it comes out.

Let Students Wait Until Bad Weather Passes

This is about last week’s bad weather. Do parents not realize that the school officials can not foresee how bad the effects of weather will be many hours ahead of time? If the students are doing their part in school, they should not worry about being 30 minutes late on a morning like this when Channel 4 is reporting the storm was moving through at 70 miles per hour and will be out of here shortly.

They were encouraging parents (Channel 4) to not let students go out. It’s pathetic for parents to consider putting teenagers behind the wheel of cars under such circumstances. So, the same parents will probably be complaining when the time comes the school year is extended, interfering with their summer vacation plans.

Thank you.

Coal Kills

Coal kills! Whether you are digging it out of the ground, breathing the noxious gases and particulate particles produced when it is burned, or observing the severe consequences on global climate due to the production of greenhouse gases, such as fourteen all-time-high global average temperatures in the last fifteen years, the compelling truth is that coal kills. Pronouncements to the contrary by wishful-thinkers, the economically conflicted, and the anti-science ignoramuses constitute reprehensible and malicious “fake news.” Why not seek retraining and investment in increasing competitive advanced renewable energy production technologies?

Go Tweet Off

President Trump, you recently tweeted, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” Wrong.

Everybody knew. Everybody but you, that is. A child of ten would know that providing health care for a country of over 300 million people could be very complicated. Getting rid of Isis is also complicated. So is the immigration issue and the law and order issue and the economy. You say you inherited a big mess. News flash! Being president is a complicated job. You wanted it, you got it. The campaign is over. The blame game is over. The rubber has hit the road. Quit whining and drive.

Cat Immunization Process is Inhumane

Those cats need to be tested for diseases; or I hope the recipient of one of them that is adopted-out or someone coming in contact with their disease-infested cats sues their city, their county, their state, all legislators, any morally-corrupt veterinarians benefiting from this inhumane practice, and every last conniving and manipulative cat-hoarding TNR practitioner so deep that they never recover from it for the rest of their criminally negligent and criminally irresponsible sorry-excuses for lives. (For just one example of thousands, not long ago businesses in Miami were ruined by caretakers of feral-cats spreading hookworm in all the beaches. Lawsuits aplenty!

Hey Jack, Watch Where you Park That Bus

I wish to add one more comment regarding buses at the current bus stop on Abbott Martin Road near the Green Hills Kroger.

I sympathize with those needing to ride buses, especially the disabled, and those trying to get groceries home via the buses. I live on Abbott Martin within half a mile from the stop so I frequently see buses sitting there, hogging one lane of a very congested road in the constantly congested Green Hills Mall area. There should at least be a parking “inset” for buses if the stop remains there. I fear for pedestrians who will soon be trying to cross at the “caution” crosswalk to get to and from the new Dillard’s.  One simply cannot safely see around the parked buses. How many accidents will it take to change the current plan? Because I live in the area, I typically go out of the Kroger lot on Bandywood because I like to have traffic lights for turns. Not everybody who shops at the Green Hills Kroger is familiar with the Bandywood option.

Who Airlifted This Monstrosity into Green Hills

Driving down Hillsboro Road, today, I experienced the full impact of the monstrosity hulking over the street.  It left me wondering what public official(s) was paid off to authorize the project. The structure is so out of context with its surroundings that it looks like it was airlifted from some overcrowded city and dropped at Richard Jones with no concern for the appearance of the area.  Also, anyone who thinks it won’t have a negative impact on traffic in Green Hills needs to be drug tested.